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Ukrainian Fashion Week No Season 2021. Backstage

‘No season’ Ukrainian Fashion Week was held digitally on February 5-8.
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For the first time “NO SEASON” Season concept was tested during the 47th season of the Ukrainian Fashion Week on August 31th-September 3rd. A format like this makes it possible to hold fashion shows during these difficult turbulent times. Moreover, it makes this grand event accessible to a wider audience.

Ukraine-born, Milan-based fashion photographer Alex Dani kindly shared the highlights from behind the scenes of the event with L'Officiel Monaco.

1613648170982463 dscf7343 lofficiel monaco1613648171071222 dscf7471 lofficiel monaco
1613648171125118 darja donezz 3 lofficiel monaco1613648171195477 lallier 6 lofficiel monaco
1613648171306466 anna grove 5 lofficiel monaco1613648171399549 chereshnivska 7 lofficiel monaco

The 48th season of UFW consisted of 28 fashion shows. Well-known Ukrainian and international designers, as well as new faces for whom this moment became especially exciting, presented their ‘no season’ collections in phygital format hosted by Mystetskyi Arsenal in Kyiv.

The fashion week was opened by Elena BURENINA.


1613647990113753 elena burenina 1 lofficiel monaco1613647990224222 elena burenina 2 lofficiel monaco
1613647990308848 elena burenina 11 lofficiel monaco1613647990373173 elena burenina 13 lofficiel monaco
1613647990246548 elena burenina 12 lofficiel monaco


1613647937034476 chereshnivska 3 lofficiel monaco1613647937120088 chereshnivska 4 lofficiel monaco
1613647937171300 chereshnivska 5 lofficiel monaco1613647937200935 chereshnivska 8 lofficiel monaco


1613647882234990 arutiunova fall winter 2021 22 lofficiel monaco1613647882398366 arutiunova fall winter 2021 22 2 lofficiel monaco
1613647882396193 arutiunova fall winter 2021 22 3 lofficiel monaco1613647882422765 arutiunova fall winter 2021 22 4 lofficiel monaco
1613647882484795 arutiunova fall winter 2021 22 5 lofficiel monaco

Darja Donezz

1613647915466526 darja donezz 1 lofficiel monaco1613647915391736 darja donezz 2 lofficiel monaco

Kir Khartley

1613648016377597 kir khartley 4 lofficiel monaco1613648016479079 kir khartley 6 lofficiel monaco
1613648016569364 kir khartley 7 lofficiel monaco1613648016580394 kir khartley 9 lofficiel monaco
1613648016300704 kir khartley 2 lofficiel monaco


1613648045550961 lallier 2 lofficiel monaco1613648045626796 lallier 4 lofficiel monaco


1613648110319021 new names gaptuvalnya 1 lofficiel monaco1613648110473503 new names gaptuvalnya 2 lofficiel monaco
1613648110487670 new names gaptuvalnya 12 lofficiel monaco1613648110599549 new names gaptuvalnya 11 lofficiel monaco
1613648110663603 new names gaptuvalnya 8 lofficiel monaco


1613648237516459 ufeg anthropocene graduate project 1 lofficiel monaco1613648237616692 ufeg anthropocene graduate project 2 lofficiel monaco
1613648241050574 ufeg anthropocene graduate project 3 lofficiel monaco

Polina Veller

1613648278068184 polina veller 2 lofficiel monaco1613648278176622 polina veller 3 lofficiel monaco
1613648278287330 polina veller 4 lofficiel monaco1613648278406167 polina veller 5 lofficiel monaco


1613724698997287 anna grove 1 lofficiel monaco1613724698971792 anna grove 3 lofficiel monaco
1613724699002597 anna grove 6 lofficiel monaco1613724698966523 anna grove 7 lofficiel monaco


1613727510038895 new names zvoli 1 lofficiel monaco1613727510065669 new names zvoli 2 lofficiel monaco
1613727510042440 new names zvoli 3 lofficiel monaco1613727510129803 new names zvoli 4 lofficiel monaco

Open Fashion Studio

1613900098281050 open fashion studio ufw 3 lofficiel monaco1613900098379055 open fashion studio ufw 4 lofficiel monaco



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