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Interview with Thibault Brière Descors

Haven't you met Thibault yet? It's time to do it! Being a hero of glamorous social life, he himself is often the organizer of high-profile events for fashion brands. During his fashion career, he worked with very influential people from New York to India, Hong Kong, London, Germany, Paris, and Qatar. From editorial assistant at Vogue to events coordinator for Fran Cutler, Editor-in-Chief for Fashion One Television and private client’s manager for global luxury retailers and e-retailers. On the eve of his big fashion event in Monaco, we decided to discuss his busy life.

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Business & Tech

Rayo Withanage Transfers Picasso Estate to New €350m Cultural Investment Vehicle

Rayo Withanage, an influential financier and advisor, has transferred ownership of Pablo Picasso’s final home, Château de Vie, to a new consortium of investors led by famed attorney William Beslow. Château De Vie is widely regarded as one of the most important estates in the Côte d’Azur and the most successful art production house in recent history.

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How Baden Bower Became the Go-To Agency for Fashion Brands

In just a few short years, Baden Bower has emerged as the premier fashion public relations agency for brands seeking global publicity, particularly coveted features in elite fashion publications.

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Business & Tech’s Co-founder on AI’s Role In Fashion

As a veteran of the fashion industry for over a decade, CEO and co-founder of Jellibeans, Joanne Chow, has sat in the front seat – with a clear of the challenges faced by even the most established brands and talented designers. With technology Jellibeans, particularly thanks to generative AI, is adding an accessible data layer into what’s normally a creative fashion design process driven by intuition – unless you’re an LVMH brand with access to pricey trend forecasting services like WGSN.