Floatation Therapy and its Benefits

Floatation therapy, also known as Sensory Deprivation Tank Therapy, has been proved to benefit people suffering from anxiety and pain and improve cardiovascular health and sleep quality.
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A floatation tank is dark, soundproof, and filled with saltwater. You can find some in float centres and spas all over the world. The water is heated to skin temperature and contains Epsom salts to help with floating. All outside stimulation such as sound, sight, and gravity is removed.

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It has been shown to increase imagination, intuition and creativity. It may also improve focus and concentration. It can also help speed up recovery after physical training by decreasing blood lactate. 

Even an hour session can significantly reduce anxiety and improve mood, especially in people with high stress or anxiety-related disorders. People suffering from chronic pain could also benefit from this, such as neck pain and stiffness and stress-related pain. 

The deep relaxation that comes with floatation therapy may also improve cardiovascular health since it reduces stress levels and improves sleep. 

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