Wearable art. Kika Simonsen Winter 2020/21 collection

Inspired by the elements of other cultures as well as integrating them into their collections, the Kika Simonsen remains faithful to its Brazilian roots.
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Kika Simonsen Winter 2020/21 collection

Kika Simonsen is a brand originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Art and fashion are connected as a red thread in its DNA. And it's no accident — its founder has been painting since early childhood and has an academic background in arts, graphic design, and fashion.

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Kika Simonsen

Akai Ito Winter 2020-21

The leitmotif of Kika Simonsen Winter 2020-21 was inspired by a journey to Japan. Akai Ito, the name of the latest collection, is the quintessence of oriental forms, tropical elements and brazilian motives.

According to the legend, Akai Ito is the invisible red thread which connects the soulmates and can never be torn. Beautiful, isn’t it? Oh, and it looks as good as it sounds.

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The collection includes a tandem of kimonos with butterfly-shaped sleeves and blouses made of voluminous fabrics with square sleeves. The dresses and the suits are made of linen, velvet, silk.  Feminine draperies, patterns and prints are beneficial to one’s shape. The unique brush strokes are taken from Kiki's paintings.

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The optimization of manufacture and dyeing processes to reduce water consumption, the use of recycled fabrics — the brand keeps up with the times, adhering to the principles of sustainability.

Another important fact: all the products are made by hand in Brazil.

View the collection at

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Photos: Kika Simonsen



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