Interview with Fashion Designer Aylin

Femininity, Elegance, Tenderness and Strength are the key words that come to mind when seeing the creations of Aylin Karsenti - fashion designer who is offering a style of great amplitude combining fluidity of fabrics and structure of cuts.
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How did you came up with idea to become designer? 

In a world where the masculine look is in fashion, I want to keep the value of authentic feminine charm.

It all started in 2016 when I studied in Brussels as an Interior Designer. During that period, I began to paint pictures and create dresses with my prints. A little later, I opened my first shop in Kyiv. But I didn't know how to create the patterns and how to sew. And with each fashion show, I increasingly wanted to know this process from the inside. Therefore, I decided to go to Milan in Marangoni to learn how to sew and create authors' creations.

I believe that only by knowing the intricacies of all processes, only then can the brand founder create a well-coordinated and successful mechanism within the company. My perfectionism and desire to do everything at the highest level motivated me to learn how to create patterns and sew myself.

After that, I moved to Cannes, France and created my brand, "AYLIN". It took me some time to find the best highly qualified couturier. Now we are working with cutters who previously worked in the fashion houses of Dior and Nina Ricci.


Who are the women for whom you create?

The women for whom I create are modern and self-confident. They admire the quality and exclusivity. They shine and bring lightness. They want to be unique and attract everyone's attention.


Where do you get inspiration?

The beauty around me inspires me. Sometimes when I see a beautiful fabric, a new dress design seems to be drawn in my head. Not least, I am very inspired by my clients. For their important events, they sometimes want to choose something special and unique. I like to create dresses in a single copy, reflecting the style, character and views of a particular person. At such moments, the dress plays the role of a mirror for its chosen one.

So when our client walks out to a party, she can be sure that she will be the only one wearing this dress and all eyes will be on her.

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What is your understanding of femininity?

For me, femininity is a synthesis of softness, vulnerability and the tender side of every woman. This trait unites the emotions and the body, causing them to interact in harmony. This is definitely a female superpower! We can open all doors with our femininity. And I am happy that my dresses help reveal this magic in every woman.

What are the key elements of elegance for you?

Elegance is in relation. It's something that comes from within. Speaking exclusively of style, it is about not overloading your image and emphasizing your beautiful sides with sophisticated solutions.

Your dresses are so fluid how do you manage to achieve this?

It's all about the perfect cut, which our best fashion sewists make. They are true professionals. The synthesis of attention to every detail and the impeccable quality of fabrics are our strong points.

In the world of fast fashion and an era of competition for the attention of the "viewer", some designers have abandoned the pursuit of high fashion. The DNA of the Aylin brand is saturated with exquisite silk and grace, which exalts authentic feminine charms.

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Which tissues do you prefer to work with?

My favorite fabrics are silk and taffeta. I have never seen more luxurious and noble fabrics. They come to us straight from the most fashionable corners of the world - Milan or Paris. And, of course, I pay special attention to the colors of the fabric. These are unique pastel colors that are hard to find anywhere else. We also often use hand-embroidered fabrics from atelier "Lesage". The uniqueness of these dresses is impeccable.

Which clothes do you prefer for yourself?

I never hid the fact that the first models of dresses I sewed were for myself. In them, I put everything that I lacked in dresses from other brands. I love light feminine textures and emphasized silhouettes. And while everyone gradually switched to the masculine trend, I continued to fill the fashion world with femininity.

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For more information about Aylin's creations, check her Website or Instagram.

Written by Vera Kamenkova 


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