Unlimited Glamour: Interview with Sylwia Graff

Sylwia Graff is known internationally as a cover model, tv personality, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. Sylwia's major is law, whereas her vocation is fashion and interior design. She finds her greatest pleasure in surrounding herself with beauty. Her vibrant personality makes her a true star. Her tv show was a great success and gave her huge popularity.
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Sylwia Graff is a star on Zony Wives of Miami, a TV show produced by TVN, the leading media broadcaster and content producer in Poland. The show is all about connected and influential Polish women living in Miami as they embody the "American Dream", taking us to their world of success and luxury lifestyle. Graff is a force in the modelling and tv industry, using her platform to support the right cost, charities, and upcoming brands. She also talks about what is important. 

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Neon Pink Metallic Dress: Alexandre Vauthier, Earrings: Van Cleef and Arpels, Shoes hoes: Jimmy Choo

What is your most memorable experience during the shooting of the magazine's cover? 

During shooting, I am in my element. The whole process, from makeup to styling. Surrounded by a team of people making sure I look absolutely perfect- makes me feel like a queen. I participated in every step of creating this "cover story", so it represents me, my style, and my current mood. I wanted this shoot to be feminine and chic but in a romantic way. 


What do you enjoy most about modelling? 

I love the availability to transform, play a role and create. 

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Jacket and Top: Balmain, Shoes: Valentino

Modelling or tv carrier? 

I love modelling but working in tv is my true passion. 


What did you learn from your biggest failure? 

To never give up and that everything will pass. Even in failure, you should look for a lesson and stay positive. Maybe it was only a redirection to something is your true path. 

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Dress: LAVANI, Bag: Hermes- Birkin K25 Sellier Rose Confetti

Where do you see yourself and your career five years from now? 

Being a brand ambassador and working in tv. Launch my first book, for which I am collecting material right now. ( top secret) Choosing projects, I am passionate about. Most importantly, being able to work from any place in the world while travelling and enjoying life with my family. Happily married. 


You are a true multi-talent. What motivates you? 

I am probably the hardest on myself. So is my biggest motivation. I try to stay open-minded while listening to my inner calling and having the luxury of being able to make my dreams come true. I set myself goals and go after them. Failure is not an option for me. 

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Black Crystal Cage Strap Blazer: Area, Earrings: Vhernier, Shorts: Christian Dior, Shoes: René Caovilla

What settings, clothes, and brands do you prefer to shoot for or wear? 

I love to play with fashion and new trends, but I stay true to myself. I observe fashion but don't follow it blindly. I choose what represents me. Lately, I have worn lots of Zimmerman, and some Balmain pieces. In my closet, you will find Dior, Chanel, and Hermes. For evening Area NYC, Nué studio. I know what suits me. My real obsession is shoes…and jewellery. 


Success is such a subjective concept that everyone likely views differently. So how do you define success? 

Success in life comes with freedom of choice, the flexibility of doing what you want, working on your own terms and financial independence. To achieve it, you should not be afraid to take risks, be positive and see the opportunity in everything. A successful career is important, but it is not everything to me. As a woman, I need to be also successful in the personal sphere. There is no bigger happiness than the love of your family. 


You have a lot of Social Media fans. How do you feel about and encourage people to follow their dreams? 

I feel privileged to be in that position. It comes with responsibility because many people look up to me. They seek pieces of advice in private messages. I feel like it's a conversation with a good friend who you never met. I stay honest and share my experiences and observations. I want to show the best of my life and inspire people to be better. 

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Dress: Nué studio, Shoes: René Caovilla, Earrings: Erickson Beamon

How do you keep in shape? 

By working hard (laughing) My secret is pilates. For pleasure, I play tennis. When it comes to diet, I eat healthy and clean. 


What is your time management philosophy? 

Wake up early. Be organized. Do it today, don't keep it for tomorrow. Learn to multitask. 

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Earrings: Erickson Beamon, Jacket: Area NYC, Shoes: Valentino

What do you consider to be your main advantage? 

My main advantage is my attitude. I love what I do, and I am very grateful for the opportunities that have come my way, and I think that shows in my work. 


As one of the most desirable women in the fashion world, how do you define beauty? 

Beauty is a personal choice, not a look, size, or particular shape. If you choose to be beautiful, then you are beautiful.

Team Credits:

Photographer: Alberto Gonzalez
Model: Sylwia Graff
Hair and Makeup: Lina Zuniga 
Stylist: Davis Carrasquillo
Photo Assistant: Miche Yxama

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