Interview with Rita Ora: Her style, her glasses and what freedom means to her

Rita Ora is one of the most famous music stars on the planet. For the Austrian company Silhouette, she now answered L'Officiel Austria's questions. She is currently wearing the models of Silhouette's 2022 sunglasses collection.
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Rita Ora wears the runless Fisher Island glasses and the Futura. These were already worn by music legends in the 1970s. That's why they have now become a coveted collector's item.

What makes you feel free?

Rita Ora: "I feel free when I am creative. When I'm completely absorbed in a creative project, I forget everything else around me. Songwriting is like meditation for me, I just focus on that and it's an incredible feeling. Having the freedom to express myself creatively, be it through music, acting, or fashion, is the greatest gift and I will never stop being grateful for it." 

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How do you make your glasses part of your style?

Rita Ora: "Glasses can complete a look. When I have limited time to get ready, a really great pair of sunglasses just transforms me. I think sunglasses with striking accentuated lips are a perfect combination. I also like glasses that are a bit eye-catching, where people also look twice, whether that's because of oversized lenses or eye-catching design details. The new Limited Edition Futura Dot is perfect for that. It's so flamboyant and cool, I love the retro design and especially the fact that the original version was already worn by music legends in the 1970s."

What does lightness mean to you?

Rita Ora: "Positive energy is very important to me, lightness is an important part of that. It's a way of looking at the world for me - not burdening myself with other people's expectations. It's about being the real me and exploring my own path.
exploring my own path. I think when you look at things with a certain lightness, you find the core of what makes you happy. Lightness gives me the confidence to try new things, experiment and realise my vision."

"I think sunglasses with striking accentuated lips are a perfect combination." - Rita Ora

What do you think Style will look like in the future?

Rita Ora: "I feel like it's evolving every day. It's never been so open and inclusive, and I think we're only on the cusp of what digital fashion will mean for all of us. It's so creative - fashion has always been like art, but now it's even more so."

Photos: Erik Melvin for Silhouette

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