Interview with Isidora Milenković, Founder and Head Designer of Budoar Atelier

Here is a short interview with the founder and head designer of Budoar Atelier. With her unique fashion concept and collection, her work reflects classic elegance and sophistication, combining glamour and vintage attributes.
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1. How do you create the balance in your pieces to fuse functionality with design aesthetics?

The monochrome look has always been my favorite trademark. It emphasizes the beauty of the face and brings a different energy. For some, a suit is an extremely demanding dress code. But there is really nothing easier for me, or for that matter, easier to wear and combine. You can equally be quite fashionable during the day, while with just a change of shoes or heels, you can raise the whole look to a higher level and shine at a cocktail party. 

2. What is favorite material to work with and why?

The priority of our brand has always been the quality of materials. When I say quality, I primarily mean natural fabrics, such as wool, silk, cotton, etc. Most of our models are made of the finest silks in different textures. You can say that, for me, the silk suit remains a symbol of femininity and style. The Budoar silk suit set is like second skin.

3. When working on a collection who is the woman you have in mind? 

A woman always has two sides to her, sensuality and attitude. The perfect balancing act between those makes her a muse. Every woman is our muse.

4. Signature piece?

If I could single out one of our bestsellers and the brand’s trademark, it would definitely be Bianca Tuxedo in a pearl white. A clean, timeless fashion piece to make any woman shine. 

5. There is a vintage element in your design can you tell us a bit more about this? 

I often tend to call our brand ‘glam vintage story’. The previous century is my inexhaustible fashion inspiration. The eighties as a favorite fashion, and most of our models can be said to refer back to those years. 

6. Who is Budoar atelier woman?

Budoar style is the symbiosis of the energy and attitude of the Woman. And every woman is our muse.

7. Who is your icon?

I can freely say that the direction of this brand’s aesthetics was determined by one of the greatest fashion icons of the last century - Bianca Jagger. One of our bestseller pieces even carries her name- a three part suite in pearl white colour.

8. What you advice new talents?

To find themselves, believe in their own path and never sway from it until their brand finds them again. That is the moment when they will feel most proud.

9. Future plans?

Keep cherishing the tradition of glamour, manner, and female essence through Budoar style

MYTH 2- Collection Fall/Winter 22/23

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The Myth II collection contains 14 carefully selected looks. The ambassador model is “The Wing” dress in irresistible jade green. Defining the form in the shape of a wing represents the embodiment of femininity and the rebirth of genuine beauty, which impeccably stands the test of time and forever gains new strength and power. The primary colours of the collection are jade green, violet, very peri, mangnolia white, golden sand, old gold and black. As always, carefully selected materials in creating the collection include the finest wool, silk and crêpe. Handmade tinyist details are another trademark of our Brand. Budoar Atelier stayed true to our recognisable monochromatic signature , which elevates every look to a higher level, underlining the beauty, attitude and sophistication of our muse. The symbol of the flying bird, hand-embroidered, which appears as the new signed of our brand, represents a woman, the goddess Isis, each our muse, for who she really is in her essence: free, powerful and genuinely herself, the object of eternal admiration. Regardless of the age in which it is worn, the Myth II collection is the expression of eternity

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