Astrology October 2021: Between beauty boost, diplomacy and dance on the volcano

We have arrived in the golden autumn. In October we have to go back to the fine diplomacy, the Libra energy through the quality in the sun, remember when it seems to be a bit precarious and conflicted. Because a month with some tensions awaits us.
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Cosmic Roadmap

Especially when you know about astrological transits, important astrological events or phases of the moon , you can adjust your activities correctly in terms of time, energy and emotions. You can understand it like a timetable or a cosmic weather report. This also offers the opportunity to patiently survive bad cosmic weather. It helps to get back into action as soon as it is over and shows how you can use the current energies for your own business , private life and personal goals in the best possible way.

Libra season from September 22nd to October 22nd

Our time quality would actually be characterized by harmony and beauty, namely by the sun, which is in Libra until October 22nd, so the area of relationship and love is probably one of the main topics of this month. The zodiac sign Libra is the sign of relationships and mediation, aesthetics , aesthetics and diplomacy. Libra-born people think a lot about interpersonal relationships. But this harmony, especially when it comes to communication between you and me, is already under scrutiny at the beginning of the month, not only because of the retrograde Mercury.

Some real astrological tensions:

The month begins with a conjunction between the Sun and Mars in Libra, which takes place between October 7th and 10th and meets Mercury, which is already retrograde. On October 17th, the sun is square to Pluto and around 22nd Mars is square to Pluto. Beware of negative emotions such as hatred or outbursts of anger, which could lead to serious arguments. Even if Libra stands for peace and harmony as a zodiac sign, it is difficult to calm down with all the tensions and simmering conflicts this month.

Unclear communication and misunderstandings: From September 27th Mercury Retrograde until October 18th

This is the last Mercury retrograde in 2021 . In this retrograde, the cosmos challenges us to think about how we can deal with everyone in our life, including lovers, friends, family and even our work colleagues and how we can make our communication more harmonious. During this retrograde phase, it is precisely the areas: technology, contracts, communication that Mercury fundamentally dominates and that we are now dealing with more sensitive energy.

Conflicts, misunderstandings or disagreements are possible because the communication level can be very unclear since 09/27/2018. And because it is precisely the Libra from the zodiac sign energy that shapes the communication between you and me, misunderstandings can be expected, especially in partnerships. It is important to mobilize all the diplomacy that is in us in this phase, to be mindful and, for example, to double check important e-mails / texts at work.

Beware of excessive online shopping, forced discussions and contracts!

Time for self-love and an extensive beauty program

October 6th New Moon in Libra - Theme: Beauty and Harmony

A new moon in Libra is an auspicious opportunity for us to create balance between body, mind and spirit. In this energy we can become more aware of our beauty and kindness and can ultimately bring more harmony into our relationships. But the most important relationship is that with ourselves and this largely determines the quality of all our connections. Therefore, we can teach ourselves to compliment ourselves from time to time and to feel beautiful all around!

Tip: finally book the long-planned facial, buy a new, exclusive fragrance, visit a luxurious spa or do an extensive beauty program, manicure / pedicure treatments at home. A scented bath or an extensive shower with a nourishing peeling, for example with sea salt, is also a pleasant way to energetically cleanse yourself.

Tackling problems at their roots: Pluto in Capricorn will turn direct on October 6th

The planet of transformation Pluto and ruler of the zodiac sign Scorpio was retrograde in Capricorn from April 27th to October 5th. This change of energy can cause upheavals and one or the other changes in our world. We are forced to look at the roots of our problems, to question them and to change accordingly! Pluto, the planet of the underworld, loves to show us our own shadow issues and if we face them courageously, we can transform them. A good recommendation is to pay more attention to your own recurring patterns or situations from now on. All the changes that we have been working towards in the past few months are gaining momentum. In addition, a good time can start now to take a breath and take stock of all the changes in the last few months.


The love of adventure: From October 7th, Venus will change to the sign Sagittarius

On October 7th, the love planet Venus changes to Sagittarius and finally brings some optimism and adventure into our world of love, relationships and possibly also our finances. A constellation that lets us trust that things will turn out for the best in our lives. Boring routines can almost overwhelm us during this phase, so that we feel called to adventure! Trying out new things and stepping out of the old, boring routine, especially in relationships and their old routine. Take some time to grow out of your usual comfort zone and curiously discover unknown realms.

Tip: Maybe you surprise yourself or your partner with a surprise short trip or a new erotic, unusual idea.


Karma and Reality Check: Saturn in Aquarius from October 11th direct

If Saturn goes direct on October 11th, we will be forced to focus more than ever later this year on building our world on solid foundations. Because Saturn is in the rebellious Aquarius, perhaps the time is ripe for us to part with everything that does not really nourish our soul, if we take a realistic look at the current situation.

Perhaps we have been using retrograde since May 2021 to review karmic soul contracts with people in our lives. At best, we have tackled the topic or word “determination”.

Life is (not) a request concert: from October 18th Jupiter in Aquarius direct

When the lucky planet Jupiter turns direct in Aquarius on October 18th, we will again deal more deeply with our needs, our desires. This is a powerful time in which we are once again looking at our personal wish-list inside. Magical abilities lie dormant deep inside every human being that are beyond our imagination. The secret of wish fulfillment can be traced back to our creative qualities, because every person is the creator of his own present situation in life. If you look at the whole construct then you will also become aware that your own willpower is of the utmost importance for the development of the abilities to manifest your own wishes and dreams in your own life.

Finally take a deep breath: on October 18th, the Merkur Retrograde will be over!

On October 18, Mercury will become direct and we will certainly experience relief and blockade resolution in the areas that were illuminated during this retrograde period. But we mustn't overly ignore the insights we have gained about our way of communicating and patterns that have been shown to us during the retrograde.

And now that the dynamism and drive for negotiations, cooperation, travel and everything that is dominated by the communication planet Mercury is increasing again, we should and are allowed to successfully implement all projects and ideas that we have worked out during this time. But note the full moon and wait a few more days.

Dance on the volcano 20.10. Full moon in Aries - theme: fire and ambition

The Aries full moon heats up the inner fire of passion for love, success and profession. But not only this building up explosive full moon energy in Aries can also cause some conflicts and heated discussions. After all, the (war) planet Mars is the ruler of the sign Aries. Therefore, about 3 days before and 3 days after this full moon is not a particularly good time to break new ground. Because before we want to start again after Mercury Retrograde, we can rethink our behavior, especially when old volcanoes may smoke at various construction sites in our own lives.

Aries energy is the drive and life force in action. It could well be that an inner desire for independence and self-assertion is reinforced. And maybe anger boils up in us too, and passive-aggressive behavior can occur during this lunar cycle!

Between light and shadow: the sun changes to Scorpio on October 23rd

The sun enters the mysterious zodiac sign Scorpio on October 23rd. A time that can make the mysterious, magical and invisible in our lives visible. This can also mean that from now on what was hidden or in the dark can come to light. Because it is also a quality of Scorpio to deal with human depth and the abysses, many people are shy of these mysterious zodiac signs. But I would like to promote more understanding for these fascinating people, the Scorpio fashion designers include Matthew Williamson, Zac Posen, Roberto Cavalli and Calvin Klein. Because it is not easy to immediately see through the darkest depths of life, the universe and so much.

Passion and radical decisions: from October 30th, Mars in Scorpio

When Mars changes to Scorpio on October 30th, we will receive a profound energy that can strengthen our general willpower and fuel deep work. This aspect can also show us what we possibly suppress in our subconscious and what blocks us from making important decisions. Mars in Scorpio could also cause frustration and push us to radical choices. Make sure you have all the important details and information gathered before making big life changing decisions. Mars in Scorpio can also fuel the passion in our perhaps asleep relationships and bring back the spark of attraction in relationships.

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