Alice Henshaw - Bridging the Gap Between Science and Beauty

Alice Henshaw, a distinguished figure in London's prestigious medical district, Harley Street, has made an indelible mark through her renowned clinic, 'Harley Street Injectables', and the launch of her acclaimed skincare line, Skincycles. Fueled by a passion for skin health and aesthetic beauty, Alice's career is a unique fusion of scientific expertise and entrepreneurial drive. Harley Street Injectables, celebrated for its state-of-the-art treatments and proven results, has redefined skincare excellence standards. Building on this success, Alice ventured into product development, creating Skincycles, a skincare range reflecting her commitment to quality, efficacy, and holistic beauty.

Loewe T shirt, Saint Laurent wool-gabardine trousers
Loewe T shirt, Saint Laurent wool-gabardine trousers

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