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The Rise of Mocktails

As we are approaching warmer weather, we are happy to announce mocktails as the drink trend of the summer. Ironically, this Cinderella story of beverages might just save us from losing our favourite slipper during a night out.
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Picture by Kara Luhtanen

While being stuck in lockdown the past few years, we noticed two distinct approaches to alcohol use. Some spent this time working on themselves, constructing a healthier lifestyle that consisted of replacing alcohol with homemade banana bread, yoga and overflowing self bragging on social media. However, the majority of us took a slightly different approach and collectively decided to extend the socially accepted happy hour to all hours of the day. Why not, right? Ancient Romans drank wine for breakfast, and they seemed pleased enough. Well, given that they also believed wine to be the cure for depression and vertigo, maybe this wasn’t exactly the most brilliant move from our part. This was quickly noted as many of us came out the other end in desperate need of booze cleanse and a new outlook on our drinking habits. The beverage industry wasted no time catering to this new demand, and just like that, the trend was set.

The rising popularity of mocktails, aka non-alcoholic cocktails, might seem sudden but has been a long time coming. Since the pandemic, many consumers have started practising a more mindful lifestyle, taking some time to reevaluate their attitude towards alcohol. This goes hand in hand with vegan and circular culinary trends that have become increasingly popular as consumers adjust their lifestyle to a more health-conscious frame of mind. After faux meat started to take off, it was only a matter of time before faux alcohol would follow, and the retailers were prepared. During the past few years, we have seen a definite increase of companies and online stores such as Curious Elixirs and Seedlip that were founded with a mission to offer non-alcoholic options that vary from strictly non-alcoholic drinks to low percentile spirits.

Alcohol has always been a central part of social gatherings. In fact, it’s almost expected for one to have a glass of wine with dinner, while the decision to not consume alcohol is received with a practically odd suspicion followed by a list of questions. It’s annoying, granted, but not half as annoying as the skim drink selection that reaches from water to the oh so exotic Coca Cola or Sprite if you are feeling adventurous. However, now that the demand for non-alcoholic beverages is gaining popularity, more and more bars are implementing these options into their selection just in time for the summer season. So prepare for a hangover-free summer because mocktails are the drink of choice in 2022.

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