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The Most Eco-Conscious and Sustainable Luxury Hotels of the World

The real luxury is eco-friendly. We often associate luxury to quality, as an ideal, comfort, or extra, but what is luxury without sustainability? The luxury market evolved massively in the past years, and the environment is at the heart of every business models. Let’s travel the world and discover those luxury hotel!
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These 5 green luxury hotels, the best hotspots of the world, have unique specificities. What makes them eco-friendly? How can luxury harmonize with sustainability? Is eco-conscious the new living trend? Be ready to know more about this fancy and classy tendency.

1. Tri Lanka Koggala Lake, SRI LANKA


The contemporary luxury design hotel Tri in Sri Lanka at the Koggala’s lake is welcoming nature lovers and inspiring everyone. It has an extensive view of the flourish and blue landscape. The hotel overlooks the vast lake and the jungle’s magnitude in the coastline, offering tranquillity and spectacular sight of this biodiversity wildlife.

The resort hotel offers spa treatment sessions, meditations, and healthy vegetarian foods, everything needed to spend detox holidays. The aesthetic structure is made of 100% recycled wood and local materials. It is consistently reducing its carbon footprint every year and is monitoring its water and electricity consumption thanks to solar PV panels and LED lighting…

“Guided by nature, evolved by aesthetic passion, and fortified by an all-encompassing sustainable philosophy,” the Tri Lanka hotel is combining their harmonious design to their philosophical vision of protection of their flora and fauna diversity.

Note: You could admire the lake but not swim in it as crocodiles occupy the place. Located at the centre of nature, the hotel is not disconnected from the rest of Sri Lanka. Everything can be accessible by car, train, plane or boat in less than an hour.

2. 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge, NEW YORK

Credit: 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge Gallery

Located in New York, the modern 1 Hotel overlooks one of the oldest suspended bridges in the United States connecting Manhattan to Brooklyn.

Nature has been integrated into the building through the 10-floor wood structures. The beds contain 100% organic cotton sheets, smart heating and cooling are installed in the hotel, and rainwater of the rooftop is monitored and irrigated for the waterfront park. Everything you can touch in the hotel is eco-friendly and organic.

The unreal rooftop, welcoming a long and warm swimming pool, offers the best panoramic view of the city and the East River in which the Statue of Liberty is standing.

The local vegetarian menu prepared with love looks delicious. Everything is available for your comfort: cinema room, sports room open 24h/24, king-size beds, access to the roof, the parking is secure and managed by the hotel…

Note: A Tesla vehicle remains at your disposal every day and freely at a distance of 8 km. The Wi-Fi connection is free, and your pets are accepted in your room.


3. Six Senses Con Dao, VIETNAM

Credit: Six Senses Con Dao Gallery

Vietnam, known for its traditional architecture, diverse culture, friendly people, and oldest history, is not reputed as a green country. However, the Six Senses Con Dao hotel is entirely eco-friendly and eco-conscious.

The private villas and residences, containing their own pools, are made of woods. They also have their natural ventilation to reduce air-conditioning. Glass bottles are reused, and the environment is safer and cleaner. Therefore some animals were visible on the island, free and wild.

This non-smoking area is the perfect spot to spend detox holidays. It is surrounded by the spa, the yoga sessions and the equipped sports rooms; there is no excuse not to be fit and healthy.

Note: Bicycles are at your disposal. Kids will love the place as the hotel is adapted to their need and activities: external cinemas are open at night! If you are attentive, you will see sea-turtles egg-laying on the beach.

4. Longitude 131º Northern Territory, AUSTRALIA

Credit: Kuoni

The five-star hotel in Australia offers a unique experience to eco-sensitive and romantic travellers. Longitude 131° is a luxury camp located in the desert, with a view on Uluru and Kata Tjuta, the most glamorous and remarkable landscape, between an artwork and cowboy atmosphere.

Activities like outback cycling, dot paintings, or SEIT Tours of the northern territory are available to explore and be part of this special and exciting adventure.

The luxury tents or dune pavilions are open spaces with a timeless design, causing a minimal impact on the environment to preserve nature and create intimacy. It is located in the National Park, surrounded by red sand dunes and referred to the World Heritage list. Therefore, the hotel is surrounded by a living ecosystem with all sorts of species, from mammals to reptiles.

Note: The hotel organizes expeditions, but Walpa Gorge and Kata Tjuta's visits last about 4 hours. Don't forget to bring water and a camera or you won't enjoy it as much as you should.

5. SVART Hotel Salten, NORWAY

Credit: Svart Hotel

The world's first energy-positive hotel will open its door in 2021. On the model of a non-identified flying object, the circular architecture is fascinating and developed an intelligent technology that could reduce energy consumption. More than 85% of annual energy will be saved, compared to traditional hotels.

The panoramic view offers a unique experience to visitors who will feel close to nature as it is located near Svartisen Glacier at the North of the Arctic Circle. And good news: you will even be able to see northern lights from your bedroom window!

The low-impact and sustainable construction made with local materials will welcome more than 100 visitors. The four restaurants delivering farm producing aliments will be cooked and presented in your exquisite meals.

Note: Hiking, ice climbing, and kayaks are activities that will be available all around the construction, and even under the deck. Get ready to book your holidays before no place is available.


It is now possible to spend the most memorable holidays of your existence and being eco-conscious at the same time. Surrounded by nature and living species, you will have everything you need to have refreshing and resourcing vacations… See you there!


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