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Gaia Restaurant Monte-Carlo: On Our Radar

Located in Galerie Charles III, 2018-Dubai-established Gaia opens its first international export in Monte-Carlo in August of 2019, with future plans to expand globally. In a marriage of warm hospitality and a modern approach to Greek cuisine, Gaia is the result of the collaboration of great minds: Evgeny Kuzin and internationally acclaimed Chef Izu Ani.
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Gaia restaurant indulges you in a journey of discovery with an all-encompassing experience: homegrown food, beverages, and a lifestyle concept unlike any other. Named after the Greek goddess and mother of all earth, Gaia reflects the Greek Mediterranean sun, sea, and mountains.

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The menu is designed by culinary experts Chef Izu Ani and Chef Orestis. Fueled by flavour and memories, meals combine traditional aromas, fresh ingredients and the simplicity of home cooking. Every dish is a homage to Aegean cuisine, refined to suit today’s cosmopolitan dining scene. GAIA provides a perfect glimpse of Greece within the heart of Monaco.

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The one-of-a-kind gastronomical experience marked by signature dishes includes freshly baked Bread, an exquisite Greek Salad, Baked Feta, Seabream Carpaccio, and succulent Baby Goat, followed by traditional Greek desserts.

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For reservations and more information:

+377 99 99 09 69

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