Why Do We Love To Travel? The Psychology of Travel

We know that we like to travel, but do we know why? Human beings have travelled for centuries, but when and why did we start enjoying our journeys; the processes and results of them? The answers lie in history, science, human nature and the simple enjoyment of life.

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Photo courtesy of Khrystyna Markovska


Khrystyna Markovska: Empowering Individuals to Take Control of Health Through Biohacking

Khrystyna Markovska, a trailblazer in biohacking and longevity, seamlessly merges her proficiency from the United States and the United Kingdom to give a new meaning to the boundaries of health, beauty, and wellness. Her journey into biohacking, rooted in a profound personal transformation, has reshaped her life and inspired countless others to take control of their well-being.

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Jewelery & Watches

Behind the Jewelry Favorite, Bangelle, and Its Founder, Elle Pirmoradi’s Creative Journey

The U.S. jewelry market sees a bright future as a new Los Angeles-based fine jewelry brand makes an impression on the competitive luxury market. Bangelle offers exquisite pieces that appeal to stacked, layered wrist lovers specializing in bold, handmade bangles crafted from 18K gold. In an interview with L’Officiel Monaco, Bangelle founder Elle Pirmoradi shares her journey of creating the brand, her inspirations behind her unique market niche, and her aspirations of continuously establishing Bangelle in the luxury jewelry market.