Reflexology and its Health Benefits

Reflexology is a massage where different amounts of pressure are applied to hands, feet and ears. It revolves around the principle that these body parts are linked to specific organs and systems. It is believed that this type of practice can result in many health benefits.
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Chinese medicine is a part of reflexology, and the belief in qi (vital energy) suggests that it is blocked when a person feels stress. This can lead to an imbalance and, therefore, illness. Reflexology aims to keep the body balanced by keeping qi flowing. 

Some theories suggest that the brain can create pain in response to emotional distress in certain instances and that reflexology can reduce it through touch, calming the central nervous system. There is also the zone theory that explains that the body holds 10 vertical zones, and each zone contains different body parts and corresponds to specific fingers and toes.

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Reflexology may help reduce stress and anxiety and improve general well-being. It may help boost one’s immune system, help with back problems, hormonal imbalances, digestion, arthritis and nerve problems.

While there aren’t too many studies on the topic, it could have value as a complementary therapy to reduce symptoms and improve quality of life. It is very safe and noninvasive and especially helpful for stress and anxiety. 

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