Quirky Home Decor To Make Your House More Colorful

Whether you just moved into a new place or want to upgrade your home, here are some gorgeous and unique home decor pieces to spice up your living space. These are colourful, funky and original. From mirrors to rugs, all budgets and tastes are covered.
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Ultrafragola Mirror

This mirror is famous for how aesthetic it looks, we’ve seen it on Instagram, Pinterest design magazines everywhere! The mirror has quite a price tag attached to it, but it will add a sparkle to your place. It lights up and comes in different colours such as coral, pastel yellow and baby pink. We recommend putting this mirror on display in your favourite spot and adding a plant next to it to make it pop.

Shell Lamps

Shell nightstand lamps are the lamps to have right now. Imagine having a pearl as a lightbulb, how adorable. They usually come in different shapes and sizes, depending on the design you prefer. You can thrift them and get them vintage if you are lucky if not, you can find them online.

Funky Rugs

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Rugs nowadays don’t need to serve a purpose; we hang them up on our walls if we like them enough. Have them as a statement piece by getting a big colourful rug in your master bedroom. You can spice up your home by getting colourful rugs and placing them all around the house such as under your coffee table, in your bathroom or at your entrance.

Original Ceramics

This brand ‘Female Alchemy’ focuses on making ceramics of all kinds with human features on them. They make plant pots, mugs, vases, fruit bowls and many more. Their original designs are what makes them so popular, and they will decorate your space well.

Decorative Pillows

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You can never have too many decorative pillows, you can put some on a chair, on your couch and on your bed. Depending on the pattern and colour on the pillow they can give a completely different vibe and make a room so much more interesting. After getting your statement pillow you can colour-coordinate your blankets and throws to it!

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