Luxury YSL Fashion Brand Turned into Home Collection

From Armani to Missoni, Hermès, Versace or Gucci Décor, luxury brands invite the house into their collections. A signature that fans will not fail to adopt but should now make a natural place for the YSL house.
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In between architecture and art, fashion brands are depicting home as a source of inspiration.


Yves Saint Laurent has now launched its unique first Exclusive Rive Droite Home Collection.

The creative and elegant brand expanded its popular influent style in the decorative sphere.


Credit: Instagram @ysl


Ceramic coffee mug, plates, crystals ashtrays, golden trays, bath towels, metal straws, padlocks, lighters, skateboards, dumbbells, skis and sledges, tennis racket and polaroid SX70 are flowing their web page and stores.


Boutiques in Beijing, Dubai, Hong Kong, London, Miami, Milan, Monaco, New York, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore and Tokyo are welcoming Saint Laurent’s lifestyle collection.


Small panel of cosy interior decorations.

1618249783724226 pola ysl1618249809134508 polaroid ysl
Leopard Polaroid SX70: YSL website
1618254673925458 medium 653260ycl459988 a1618254682515323 medium 620006ycl459987 a
Coffee mug in ceramic: YSL website
1618254721964545 medium 630484yclrc1000 a1618254731210820 medium 630484yclrc1000 b
Pair of skis: YSL website
1618254762974718 medium 5999473y1062760 a1618254770863600 medium 5999473y1061260 a
Bath towel: YSL website
1618309779420813 cendrier1618309791426855 vide poche
Ashtray: YSL website / Pin tray: YSL website
1618254880575416 medium 616081ycl021000 b1618254889343047 medium 669620yclzw8106 a
1618255951095783 skateboard dor
Skateboard: YSL website
1618256092859107 heart cup11618256102491172 heart cup 2
Coffee set: YSL website

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