How to find the perfect match for your clothing style and your home interior?

Being an irreplaceable part of a human’s life the interior should reflect the identity of a person who lives in it. While it’s quite easy to change styles in clothing depending on your mood, yet repainting the walls every single day would be quite problematic.
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So what interior should one choose so that they do not get bored in a year, so that it reflects their character, and creates a homey feeling? These clothing styles will help you figure it all out!

1. Classical

If you are an admirer of the classical style, then neutral shades and strict forms will suit your interior perfectly. It’s not necessarily that classics in the interior should be the style itself, but rather the furniture models that are considered to be the "classics" of design. A perfect example is the furniture from the “Bauhaus” period. Minimalism or Japanese wabi-sabi would be the most suitable here.

1607474399207038 classical interior style l officiel monaco
David Beckham, Cara Delevingne, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley on interiors by Atelier Paul Vaugoyeau, Oak & Melanin, Kelly Wearstler

2. Casual

In recent years, casual style has got loved by many due to the combination of convenience and refined taste in one bottle. Interiors where beautiful design is not inferior to functionality are suitable for admirers of this style. The color palette can be varied and the style itself can be either eclectic, combining different materials, such as marble and brass, or Scandinavian in pastel shades and solid wood. A boho rug, a minimalistic leather sofa, and the 70s floor lamps — all these elements can create the perfect interior for casual style’ admirers.

1607474550407530 casual interior style l officiel monaco
Gigi Hadid, Giovanni Dario Laudicina on interior by Fleur Delesalle, Garrett Hunter Design, Misha Mill

3. Vintage

If one can find your grandmother’s coat in your wardrobe, while one of your favorite activities is delving into vintage jewelry of European flea markets, this should be a perfect style for you. Recently, the trend for vintage has been getting more and more viral. Reusing makes you a person with a twist, while it also helps the Planet’s ecosystem. Feel free to discover furniture flea markets, vintage decor stores, antique shops — fill your interior with history.

1607474677649578 vintage interior style l officiel monaco
Elsa Hosk, Tom Daly, Bella Hadid on interiors by Tim Labenda, Gallery Fumi, Antti Nurmesniemi, Erika Vocking

4. Tomboy

If convenience and pragmatism are defining for you when choosing a daily-look, the loft interior style will perfectly help you support such a lifestyle. Large plush sofas that can fit the whole family, minimalistic finishing, and natural shades — that is what can help your dream home go real. Excessive simplicity might be mixed up with decor and extraordinary lamps.

1607474691386796 tomboy interior style l officiel monaco
Elsa Hosk, Hailey Bieber on interiors by Ravi Iyer, SJB, Studio design HDm2, Hans Verstuyft Architects

5. Romantic

The romantic clothing style involves light silhouettes, ornaments, and pastel shades. For the interior, it means smooth forms, an abundance of different colors, and boldness in decor saturation. The style that could suit you here is French eclecticism. It brings the lightness of a beautiful life and can flatter your eye on a daily basis, maintaining your sense of romance and glamour.

1607474709486814 romantic interior style l officiel monaco
Francesca Monfrinatti, Diggy Simmons, Blair Eadie on interiors by studio Estudio Maria Santos, Jake Moulson Architects, Eva Kaiser, Red Deer

Of course, it is not an easy task nowadays to find a clean style, both in clothing and in the interior. But take a closer look at your favorite styles and find your own pattern, this could become your dominant style. And do not forget that with the help of a good interior designer it will be possible to create a unique home for yourself and your family members, taking into account your habits, lifestyle, and even clothing style.

Collages: Katerina Kovalenko

The author: Katerina Kovalenko

an interior designer and founder of studio



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