5 Ways to Add Elements of Fashion to Your House Decor

Sick of your home decor? While you may not be able to do a total makeover since we are in a pandemic, why not get inspired by these creative ideas that show you how you can redecorate your house by adding elements of fashion.
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Photo: Instagram @archdigest

1. Treat special clothing pieces like works of art

Photo: Instagram @archdigest

If you have items of clothing that are statement pieces or have sentimental value, why not display them on your wall? Find ways to create contrast or layer with the wallpaper, the combinations are endless! 

2. Use a clothing rack on display

Photo: Instagram @interioryesplz

If you don’t have enough space for your clothes, a clothing rack could actually be a functional and stylish solution. You can create a colour scheme and use bright or dull hues to coordinate with other items in the room. 

3. Frame Your Scarves

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You can never go wrong with framing a scarf. This innovative approach elevates a statement piece and acts as an artwork which can go in any room. 

4. Line Shoes and pair them with the appropriate objects

Photo: Instagram @decor_2you

Ken Fulk’s vintage shoe-display cabinets are a perfect example of an alternate way to store your shoes that remains stylish. You could also line your shoes next to each other and pair them with objects that seem appropriate. For example, cowboy boots lined on top of a vintage trunk can work well. 

5. Use a mannequin

Photo: Instagram @daniellecoldingdesign

In the same vein as displaying an item of clothing on your wall is the idea to display it on a mannequin. It is perfect to have a favourite piece on show and acts almost like a sculpture.

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