5 Interior Design Trends 2021 of Milan Design Week

Milano Durini Design Week was recently held in Milan supported by Fuori Salone Milan Design City. Although the main Italian design event “Salone Del Mobile” was postponed for the first time in history because of the well-known obstacles, Italian designers and factories still managed to present their new collections in 2020.
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An experienced interior designer Katerina Kovalenko inspected Milan's flagship showrooms in search of the most important interior trends of 2020.

1. Classic models of famous brands from 70s

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Cassina 875 Armchair, B&B Italia Camaleonda Sofa, Flos Chiara Table Lamp

The long-established trend of the 70s is gaining a new meaning this year. This is “intellectual recycling”. For example, the B&B Italia factory used this approach this year and re-released its famous Camaleonda sofa in modern upholstery, which was first released by designer Mario Bellini back in 1970. The size of the module, the system of the fastening and the distinctive “capitonné” pattern remained original. Also, all materials used are now fully recyclable.

“Cassina” Company did not stand aside either. They went even further by featuring not only the 70s, but also the canonical chair “875” released in 1960. They also presented several sofas designed in the early 70s by the same great Mario Bellini.

2. Linear graphics

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Mojow Armchair, Nude Glass Vases, Murals Portrait Wallpaper

Active prints have always been essential for the creation of remarkable interiors. In 2020/21 graphic lines of human figures and faces have gotten on top. They are being used literally everywhere: on carpets, tableware, fabrics and even wallpapers. This print fits perfectly into any interior creating bright accents.

3. Sustainable design

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Cruso June bench, Moroso Ruff Armchair, Richard Yasmine After Ago coffee tables

The design trends of our times are defining a new era in the development of sustainable interior objects. Now all the designers of the world are concerned about making the product even more environmentally friendly. New bioplastics as well as recyclable materials or any materials and elements that do not affect the environment are crucial today. We, as the lovers of both beautiful and healthful things, support this idea.

4. Mono and beige

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Molteni & C wall system, Billiani Corolla 271 Armchair, Galotti & Radice Prism marble coffee tables

The topic of home comfort and coziness is now relevant more than ever. We spend more and more time inside, and with all the lockdown many of us are now driven by the idea of making our places even more homely. If in 2010 beige for the interior was considered a sign of classics, now the designers have reconsidered their attitude. Innovative complex combinations have made beige the new white for the contemporary interior. Beige minimalism, combined with Wabi-Sabi style is probably the most striking trend now. So the flagship showrooms of the leading factories show us the greatness of these shades in 2020 at its fullest.

5. Natural materials and colors

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Cassina Milano flagman showroom, Miniforms Soda glass coffee tables, cc-tapis feathers carpet

Natural materials have always been a hallmark of high-quality design. This year has given us interior items rich for wood, marble, and glass combinations. Cassina put a very bright accent on nature in their exposition "The Cassina Perspective 2020". Visiting the flagship showroom, I had a strong feeling that homes in paradise would look just like that. This makes us sure that naturalness is still important. Wood textures are dominated by dark and neutral shades such as beech, walnut, cherry, wenge.

Photos and collages: Katerina Kovalenko

The author:
Katerina Kovalenko

an interior designer and founder of studio



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