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Conscious Jewels for the Sustainable Shopper

Check out our three favourite sustainable jewellery designers for your next "treat yourself" day.
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If you think dropping a few thousand dollars on luxury jewellery won't do any damage, it's time to re-evaluate. When jewellery comes in a shiny velvet box and adorns the world's most gorgeous models, we're quick to take note of the brilliance, sparkle, and shine. Still, we tend to ignore that the jewellery industry ignores any concept of ethics and sustainability. When we are excited about our newest shiny addition, we do not think that piece of jewellery's materials were likely unsustainably mined in one of the planet's poorest regions. Traceability is essentially a myth in the jewellery industry, and while more buyers are expressing concern, most people hide from discussions of mining and modern-day slavery in their proposal, anniversary, or birthday milestones. We believe that luxury diamond jewellery can be both sustainable and fashionable. 

These brands create timeless pieces while contributing to a safer marketplace and planet worldwide.   


EDXÚ London

Metal, primarily precious metal, is a natural and renewable resource. Recycled silver, gold and platinum are of identical quality and utterly indistinguishable from newly mined ones. EDXÚ chooses to use Fairtrade and recycled metal to produce its jewellery pieces. Choosing recycled metals reduces the demand for freshly mined material, which can help minimise the destructive environmental impact and stop the production of 'dirty gold'.

Because of the refinement process, precious metals can be recycled again and again without losing their quality. These are recycled whenever possible and worked with workshops that use certified silver or gold grains. 

Artisan & Fox


Artisan & Fox is an ethical artisan marketplace showcasing extraordinary craftsmanship across the Majority World. They collaborate with artisans across the Middle East, Africa, and Southeast Asia to showcase handcrafted jewellery, homewares, and accessories to international markets.

The pieces are unique and well-made, and the brand is committed to supporting communities worldwide.


The diamond mining industry is notoriously unethical and simply unsustainable for the planet. Instead, Kimaï uses high-quality lab-created diamonds in hopes of reducing their carbon footprint while also designing luxury pieces. 

Using recycled gold and reusable packaging, they elevate sustainable principles while delivering unique and modern styles. 


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