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100% Ocean Plastic: the first luxury watch by Tom Ford made from recycled plastic

Fashion is getting more and more sustainable. It’s a real must have on the brands’ websites as well as within their value system. On November 19, Tom Ford announced the release of the first luxury watch made of 32 recycled plastic bottles.
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TOM FORD 002 Ocean Plastic Watch

It is a waterproof watch equipped with Swiss quartz mechanism being sold in recycled packing. Its case and hand woven signature strap is 100% Ocean Plastic. It is available for $995.

TOM FORD Ocean Plastic

Every 1k of watches equals 490 pounds of plastic waste fished out of the ocean, picked up on beaches, removed from the uncontrolled landfills. The brand says it’s incredibly appealing for the customer to buy a high-quality luxury item while also becoming a part of the global eco-movement.

“In my opinion, ethical luxury is the greatest luxury of all.” Tom Ford

Tom Ford remains true to himself within the image of the new product. The presentation of the brand-new watch is accompanied by a classic advertising campaign.

A million for an innovation

To strengthen his serious attitude about the environmental issues, Tom Ford has become a partner of 52HZ. And as part of the Tom Ford Plastic Innovation Prize, they are offering one million dollars as a prize for those who come up with a replacement for polyethylene that has literally taken over the world.

You can apply for the competition until the end of 2021. The results are promised to be announced by the highly-qualified commission by 2025.

Photos: TOM FORD



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