Ultimate Revenge Dress and How To Wear It

Little black dress and a pair of scissors, please. Here is how you can pull off the fiercest trend of the season.
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Princess Diana coined the revenge dress in 1994 by wearing a form-fitting black dress that dared the royal clothing rules to a dinner at the Serpentine Gallery after her husband, Prince Charles, admitted to adultery in a televised interview. While Diana will always be our beloved origin, Julia Fox took it upon herself to bring back the infamous revenge dress this season.

A few hours after her break-up with Kanye West, Julia Fox made her runway debut. She opened LaQuan Smith’s Fall/Winter 2022 fashion show at New York Fashion Week wearing a skintight cut-out dress that was instantly labelled as the “Ultimate Revenge Dress”. What makes this interpretation so interesting is the cut-out tailoring that has been seen popular both on and off the runway this year. Many celebrities and influencers, including Megan Fox, Miley Cyrus and even Kim Kardashian, have been spotted wearing cut out and asymmetrical garments. Adding this element to the legendary revenge dress was an ingenious move because it makes a clear and not so subtle statement by announcing to the world that the dress is not the only thing being cut. And as we all know, nothing trends faster than a little black dress with a purpose and a catchphrase. 

Take a look at our guide to achieving the ultimate revenge look below. While keeping in mind, It’s not the dress that makes the look but the attitude. However, a good set of accessories can’t hurt.


Our favourite way to go about this trend is to lean into the drama. You are already dressed for revenge, so why not go for the kill? Pair your dress with some cheeky accessories, and you are more than ready to eat his heart out.


Julia Fox’s runway look probably took hours to achieve. Still, suppose you are an ordinary person with a regular schedule. In that case, that doesn’t allow you half a day of dress-up preparation. Fear not. You can achieve this look effortlessly with any kind of schedule or budget, from running errands to running to a party. Just throw on some running shoes and a roomy bag, and you are all set for any occasion.


Want to send a message without getting your hands dirty? We got you. Success is the best revenge, and this is the look for that. Add some glimmer and killer heels, and let your dress do the talking as you walk away and leave your ex in your dust. 

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