The Reverie Couture Fashion Designer, Abed Yassine, In An Interview For L'Officiel Monaco

The Reverie Couture designer, strong professional and independent brand holder, Abed Yassine, talks about his passion for fashion and his journey in the fashion industry.
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Tell us about your greatest strength as a professional.

Abed Yassine: As a fashion designer, I have a strong eye for detail – being detail oriented and focusing on my creativity allows me to get along and create gowns for various personalities and silhouettes. Along with my excellent communication skills, I listen to and understand women's needs when designing the perfect gown.

What inspired you to set up your business? How did you get involved in the fashion design industry, and why?

Abed Yassine: Growing up, I read a lot of fashion magazines and thoroughly followed Paris fashion week. I was always mesmerized by the magic of fashion shows. Being around creative professionals, I knew this was my path. So, I started sketching, playing with fabrics, and designing dresses for my mom and sisters. For the past 15 years, I’ve been working with a few designers, and as time passed by, I decided to pursue my own brand and my own dream this is where Reverie Couture was born.

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What are the three most important things people should know about Reverie Couture?

Abed Yassine: The 1st most important aspect of Reverie Couture is that women will always feel happy, confident and empowered when wearing Reverie.

2nd, our core values are craftsmanship, exclusivity, innovation, sophistication, respect, creative expression and responsibility.

3rd, we work based on sustainability – all our gowns are made to order rather than mass-produced.

Is there something that you try to communicate through your designs?

Abed Yassine: Each design has a significant meaning to the person wearing it. It can be beauty, comfort, happiness, confidence, empowerment, culture, etc. Women come to me with the desire to feel something, which I communicate through my designs.

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What is your favourite part of being in the fashion industry?

Abed Yassine: I love what I do! The best part about the fashion industry is your creative freedom and the fun journey behind your career fulfilment. I would also like to mention the constant change; you will never know everything, and that is the beauty of the rush.

You are a true multi-talent. What motivates you?

Abed Yassine: My goals in life motivate me. I want to thrive and be the best version of myself; this is what keeps me going. This is my Reverie – A daydream.

What challenges do independent brands like yours face?

Abed Yassine: To be realistic, definitely competition. Friendly competition is healthy, but cutting through a crowded market can be challenging.

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