The Most Breathtaking Dresses to Enjoy the First Rays of Sun

The moment the first ray of sun touches our skin after endless grey winter days, our body intuitively signals us it’s time to embrace a new season: Spring!
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Credits: Zimmermann

Spring is the season of renewal and new beginnings, bringing us more light, warmth and different variations of green. As the world around us gradually wakes up, our sense of smell gets heightened, colours seem more bright, and our body gets floated with a feeling of endless possibilities and creativity. Everything seems possible! 


Discover the most breathtaking dresses to step into the new season.

Raquel Diniz 

The designer uniquely portrays the Brazilian lifestyle: combining beautiful and feminine designs with craftsmanship. She describes dresses as the essence of her work. When asked what makes them so unique: "The easiness of it. A great dress slides over your body. It can make you look effortlessly chic while still being comfortable." Her designs embody a woman that is feminine and strong. A woman becomes powerful through her freedom and the Brazilian flair transmitted through each part of the collection. 

The inspiration for her spring/summer collection 2022 is the Villa Nara Mondadori, designed by the Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer. It's a modernist house admist La Belle Époque mainsons. According to Raquel Diniz, the architect's organic essence inspired her, combined with Italian design to form an organic aesthetic. 

“Brazilians enjoy dressing up, they try to reflect outside how they feel inside. That results in vibrant and cheerful colours, prints and soft flowing fabrics which are very feminine. That’s how I design, bringing those emotions to life.“ - Raquel Diniz

How Does the Designer Prepare for the New Season: Spring!

Raquel's five favourite spring essentials are a good book, the Judy Dress, sunglasses, a rich cream and a Feu de Bois candle. "I can't wait for spring to change my wardrobe to silk and Aquazzura x Raquel Diniz Raffia Sandals."



Atoìr was created in 2018 by the Australian designer Cynthia Farchione with a strong belief in love at first sight. The designer promises to take the wearer on a personal growth and self-discovery journey. Atoìr speaks to the adventurous side of a woman. She is a woman that isn't afraid to have fun with fashion yet appreciates the interconnectedness and more profound meaning behind it.

The latest collection embodies architectural lines while following the trend of the 90s spirit. 


“I believe in love at first sight.“ - Cynthia Farchione


Patricia Bonaldi uniquely combines technical expertise with a boundless imagination. The brand is inspired by the beauty and expertise of haute couture craftsmanship. Over 400 local female artisans create her handmade designs; it's her way of giving back to her local community. Many dresses are richly embroidered and have bold patterns, reflecting the Brazilian heritage of the brand. The PatBo woman is fearless. She is a woman that is confident in her own identity yet not afraid to experiment with trends. She is feminine and strong, graceful and bold.

PatBo showed many collections at the Fashion Week in Sao Paulo, but in 2021, the brand had its debut at the New York Fashion Week with Alessandra Ambrosio that opened the collection. 

The spring-summer collection 2022 has feminine frills combined with tropical elements that reflect the strong DNA of PatBO.


“The latest collection is inspired by the 80s: the most colorful decade.“ - Patricia Bonaldi

How Does the Designer Prepare for the New Season: Spring!

She loves to embrace the sunshine in her home in Uberlandia, Brazil, with a good book and crystals by her side. Patricia welcomes the new season with flamboyant PatBo x Ranjana Khan earrings.


Zimmermann is an iconic Australian brand founded in 1991 by Nicky and Simone Zimmermann. The brand stands for feminity, unique color combinations, and delicate prints and mirrors the beauty and power of sisterhood. Many women intuitively feel drawn to this strong bond that gives every collection a feeling of authenticity and heartfelt feminity.

The spring-summer collection 2022 is named "The Dancer", symbolizing the duality of a dancer. Athletic power and strength combined with grace and fluidity. It allows the wearer to tap into their emphatic nature while honouring their inner strength. 

“I could never have achieved what we have without Simone. While the business has evolved and fashion has changed, Simone has been a voice of reason and a constant.” - Nicky Zimmermann

Each designer has a unique approach to design, but all share the firm belief in the duality of a woman: strength and softness. Their dresses represent hope. Furthermore, a woman who dares to be optimistic and trust in new beginnings. 

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