The Golden Twenties of Pyjamas

There was a time when people would dress in yoga pants, old worn-out shirts, gifted cotton pyjamas, or even wear nothing to not invest in a new sleep attire. To get a new pyjama, people would patiently wait and heavily rely on annual Christmas gifts.
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The best clients of Olivia von Halle or La Perla were the mothers and grandmothers who would happily buy a new silk pyjama set for all the greatest friends, friends, and relatives.In a world that never slowed down, people would reduce sleeping hours first. Sleep and, therefore, sleepwear didn't seem very important before the pandemic. There was one exception. On some red carpet events, it becomes extremely chic to show up in luxurious sleepwear. But was it really a pyjama or more a transformed silk set, an outcry of women that hated the tight Hervé Léger dresses and their uncomfortable Louboutins and were graving for louse silhouettes, in 2011. 

The pandemic caused people to look at their pyjamas differently, and suddenly, the pyjama was in the limelight. The sales of sleepwear had an increase of 140%. Olivia von Halle described April 2020 as the peak for her career, increasing sales by 350%. The golden twenties of the pyjamas was about to start. Sleepwear with fluffy feathers at the hems, bright colours, dreamy prints and the option to add initials.  

But where to shop the most luxurious and outstanding sleepwear?

Olivia von Halle

A good start is Olivia von Halle. Her designs are inspired by Coco Chanel and are genuinely unique. People can choose between zebras and monkey prints or just go for the classic "Lila "style, a silk pyjama in all the colours someone could dream about.

Credits: Instagram @oliviavonhalle

Desmond & Dempsey

For an even more exotic print, Desmond & Dempsey is a great choice. The sets are made from lightweight organic cotton. One model is printed with golden jaguars, and it's inspired by Monaco's golden age of style. For people that are not convinced by golden jaguars, there is also a pineapple print available. 

Credits: Instagram @desmondandDempsey 

La Perla

For a more conservative look "La Perla" is always the first choice.

Credits: Instagram @laperlalingerie


For the feather look, Sleeper is a perfect choice. This classic vintage style transports the wearer back in time. It can also be styled during the day, with strappy sandals and a small bag.  

Credits: Instagram @daily_sleeper


But an absolute pyjama outfit wouldn't be complete with the right accessories and shoes. For shoes, Aquazzura slippers are fabulous. They are comfortable, soft and yet chic. 

Credits: Instagram @aquazzura


Olivia von Halle

For accessories, its the eye mask. Of course, in silk.

Credits: Instagram @oliviavonhalle


Because post-pandemic means finally honouring sleeping hours in a sleep attire that would have made the great Gatsby jealous. 


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