The 4 Youngest and Most Talented Fashion Designers We Discovered This Year

This year has been rhythmed by spectacular fashion weeks, new talents, highly skilled fashion designers and breathtaking clothes. Each style is unique and unfolds intimate collections. Let us introduce you to four of the most talented fashion designers we discovered this year. We are about to hear them even more in the coming years!
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Samuel Gärtner

Credit: Instagram @samuelgaertner


We discovered the young fashion creator Samuel Gärtner during the Frankfort Fashion Week, which took place at the Senckenberg Museum as he presented, for the very first time, his organic and provocative collection.

He learned his painting talents thanks to the artist Städel Wolfram Sachs, his mentor when studying at the University of Waldorf. Quickly, the young designer developed an unconstrained fashion style. The chic, wild, retro brand is seducing for its diverse, innovative, and inclusive collections.


Credit: Instagram @samuelgaertner


Every piece you will see in his collection is sewn by the stylist and designer Samuel Gärtner himself, from conception to the final product. The feminine and masculine pieces are an ode to freedom, tolerance and self-esteem.


Credit: Instagram @shopsamuelsstuff


The symbiosis of the clothes and harmony of the gender-fluid collections that the brand represents sublimates every body. Playing around with various shapes, colourful patterns, and different textures makes his creations and the one who wears them special and unique.

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Credit: Getty Images

When we discovered Theophilio’s Spring/Summer 2021 collection, we felt inspired, as if we were coming back from abroad, with all the cultural heritage and new sustainably made garments that filled his collection.

The contemporary clothing brand designed by the talented Jamaican-American designer Edvin Thompson is mind-blowing! The Brooklyn, New York-based label is a mix of Jamaican culture and yet juvenile style and celebrates body shapes.


Theophilio is more than a brand: it is a state of mind. It is not just a label; it is a connection with the past and future generations.

The strong cultural identity encourages everyone who wears his collection to raise their voice, overcome obstacles and face our adversaries to feel better and empowered.


Credit: Instagram @christian__cody


The elegant, diverse, inclusive, vibrant, and timeless brand is sublimating human stories, paying tribute to Jamaica's homeland, and influencing the future of fashion.

You don't have to be a visionary to see Theophilio as the new pioneer of fashion, the one who thinks beyond style itself.

Andrea Brocca

Credit: Instagram @andreabrocca


Andrea Brocca, the world's youngest couturier, who started at 16 years old, never finishes to impress us.

Extravagant, elegant, provocative, filmic: the eponym brand is inspiring, seducing and challenging. The 25-year-old Italian-Sri Lankan designer who dressed Lady Gaga and Rina Sawayama elevates fashion to another level.


Credit: Instagram @andreabrocca


The romantic and architectural eveningwear Andrea Brocca was designed to make us deep dive into a fantastic and magistral universe upbrought from the Middle East, Italian and Sri Lankan heritage. His wearable art, made with a great technique, high precision and a sharp eye, is the perfect combination between couture and ready-to-wear.


Credit: Instagram @andreabrocca


Andrea Brocca's collections are like a piece of art inspired by the "golden ratio", the perfect number which appears in nature. Every womenswear creation is made through equations and aesthetics art flows, which creates this unique brand that steps up from others.

Robert Wun

Credit: Instagram @robertwun


The creative director and founder of his eponym label, Robert Wun, conceptualises inspirational science-fiction fashion designs combined with ultramodern aesthetics. Originally from Hong Kong and based in New York, the international creator dressed Lady Gaga and Cardi B. He designed sculpturing silhouettes and contemporary conceptual womenswear.


Credit: Instagram @robertwun


The filmic, futuristic, and unique haute couture collections seduce us. Female empowerment, modernity and elegance are one of the critical messages Robert Wun developed.

His garments shape the future of fashion through supernatural high-sleek styles. His spectacular architectural creations make us deep dive into a fantastic atmosphere and magical universe. Robert Wun is a mood, an attitude, a style, a state of mind.


Credit: Instagram @robertwun


Wearing his timeless clothes straight out of science fiction make us feel confident and harmoniously included in his innovative fashion trip.



These four young fashion designers are the most talented we discovered this year! Stay close to their new collections as you are far from having seen it all. They will have indeed the most promising bright future ahead.

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