Interview with Mariane, Founder and Creative Director of MARIANE BECHARA

Designer MARIANE BECHARA creates an array of bespoke pieces ranging from Ready-to-Wear to Couture, Suits and Bridal pieces, as her designs embody the east-meets-west spirit at its finest. You can actually spot her creations from miles away, from the see-through corset, to the pocket square suits, to the shiny textures and the big and structured shoulder pads. But most of all, the designer imagines bridal gowns that are forever remembered and engraved in people’s hearts and minds, earning her the title of “Creator of bridal dreams”, as every piece she creates has a big impact on its wearer. Paving its way to the international scene, Mariane opens up about her success in the fashion industry, her strengths and the challenges she overcomes on a daily basis.
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