How SUITABLEE Is Combining the Art of Old-School Tailoring with Modern AI Algorithms

Even though women are more into fashion, men also like to look good and stylish. When it comes to men`s clothing, there is one brand that knows how to sell comfort and elegance at the same time.
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SUITABLEE was founded in October 2015, in Montreal, Canada, by brothers Jean-Sebastien Siow and Jean-Jeremie Siow. The brand`s main focus is on men`s custom shirts and suits. Menswear accessories are also an important part of the company’s array of offerings, and SUITABLEE offers a wide range of shoes, ties, suspenders, and bowties. The accessories are modern and classic at the same time. Combining the art of old-school tailoring with modern AI algorithms is something that the Canadian brand does best.

As the leading supplier of tailored suits that combine these two elements, SUITABLEE is the preferred choice for men from different age groups. They offer stunning, personalized suits made to individual specifications. Most importantly, they do not cost an arm and a leg. SUITABLEE is the first AI-enabled custom suit company to simplify the measuring process for consumers from the comfort of their own homes.

Their Automatic Sizing technology makes personalized fabric designs based on a wealth of data collected from thousands of body scans of their local clients. It allows customers to make their sizes by visiting the SUITABLEE website and clicking on the "Create Your Size" button. They can also use the cutting-edge design tool, which includes hundreds of fabrics and designs. When the order is complete, it is placed, and the data helps to customize the garment to the exact specifications. After that, the suit is ordered and shipped in about four weeks.

SUITABLEE provides interactive Zoom consultations to direct consumers through their made-to-measure experience. If you decide to book a free consultation, you will receive support from one of the top brand specialists. To help their clients more effectively, they also offer fabric samples for those who want to touch and feel them. The brand offers a modeling forum for enthusiasts to create and style their suits. There, they can also share their experience and ideas about future clothing combinations. We all know that inspiration is important, so it`s always good to share some knowledge.

Even though SUITABLEE uses modern AI algorithms, they also stick to the old-school tailoring that brings the traditional look to the brand. In 2015, when they first launched, they didn't have an office or a website. The brand was unknown in the fashion industry, and they didn't have any fancy grants or venture funds. A few years later, the hard work and enthusiasm brought success to the Canadians with the opening of their first showroom. Through it all, their business model remains small and nimble as they expand.

Today, SUITABLEE is a synonym for quality, speed, precision, and affordability. The company has many clients from all around the world who appreciate the unique technology and the classic look of the brand.

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