Editorial: May holidays in Venice

The famous Italian photographer Alex Dani shot a fashion story with model Barbara Dan in Venice. Elegant evening dresses and effortlessly light chic — the looks from the stylist Tania Tuka will not leave you indifferent.
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Dress Peter Langner, accessories Nes Paris Jewellery, shoes Stilettissimo

Venice has long been considered the heart of the top fashion capital of the world — Italy. Carnivals, sumptuous balls, dinner parties at the highest level have been an integral part of the city’s life for several centuries. The annual Venice Carnival is internationally known for its strong identity, loyalty to tradition, and the ability to preserve traditional masks, which have always been magnificent over the centuries. At the same time, it is always relevant thanks to the imagination and creativity of Masters and like-minded enthusiasts.

The history of the Venice Carnival is ancient, influencing the everyday life and politics of the Venetian Republic. That is why we have selected three evening looks for you, inspired by the carnival traditions, which are ideal for both a cocktail party and a dinner party.

The tenderness of celebration

Since renaissance times, the tradition of the flight of an angel has opened the celebration. The most beautiful Venetian, the winner of the so-called Maria Festival, descends to Piazza San Marco from the cathedral's bell tower of the same name. According to legend, during the Catholic Day of Mary's Purification, pirates kidnapped several girls preparing for their weddings, but the inhabitants of Venice managed to rescue them. 

1631000569717276 look1 1 lofficiel monaco1631000569880593 look1 2 lofficiel monaco
Dress Adamaris, accessories Nes Paris Jewellery, shoes Christian Louboutin

A luxurious dress from the Adamaris wedding collection always creates a particular mood — a delicate scattering of sequins complemented by rhinestones, as if enveloping us in a veil of opulence and bliss. Classic beige Christian Louboutin pumps and jewellery from the new Nes Paris Jewellery collection perfectly complement the look.

The Elegance of Audrey Hepburn

The obligatory attributes of the program of each carnival are theatrical processions and shows, concerts of classical and modern music, solo programs of pop singers, and a parade of the most beautiful and original costumes and masks. It is the ability to hide your social identity and to come off to the fullest; that made the carnival so famous. Often, commoners hid under the guise of noble lords and ladies, and true secular lionesses and the mighty hid their faces behind the mask of simpletons.

1631000576383952 look 2 1 lofficiel monaco
Dress Peter Langner, accessories Nes Paris Jewellery, shoes Stilettissimo

It was very reminiscent of the role of Audrey Hepburn in the movie of the same name, Breakfast at Tiffany, which inspired us. The light and casual look create a playful mood for the whole evening. A sleek neckline in a Peter Langner dress and gemstone earrings from the spring NES Paris Jewellery collection highlight the length and elegance of the neck. Vintage gloves, which emphasise the graceful hands of the model, give an exceptional sophistication to this look.

Butterfly wings

A real extravaganza unfolds on the Cannaregio Canal: light shows, acrobatic and theatrical performances, music, and songs during the celebration. There is a parade for the participants, who sail in fancifully decorated gondolas. Residents from all districts come to watch this action. They line up along the canal and greet the competitors.

1631000583449633 look 3 1 lofficiel monaco1631000583522279 look 3 2 lofficiel monaco
Dress Anishchenko, accessories Nes Paris Jewellery, shoes Christian Louboutin

At the same time, the audience themselves try to choose colourful and unusual outfits that distinguish them favourably from the crowd. Voluminous sleeves of a contrasting colour in the Anishchenko dress will play very advantageously in the evening lighting. They, like butterfly wings, set off the silhouette, giving it sophistication and creating a flavour of triumph. A deep cut above the knee cannot fail to attract the attention of others and add charm to the image.

1631000588688303 look 4 1 lofficiel monaco
Dress Nina Venezia, shoes Christian Louboutin
1631000592726498 look5 lofficiel monaco
Dress Nina Venezia, scarf Camilla Ghione, shoes Christian Louboutin


Photographer: Alex Dani
Model: Barbara Dan
Stylist: Tania Tuka
Muah: Oriana Curti
Producer: Daniele Carettoni at Espresso Productions
Creative director: Valeri Manziuk
PR: Katrinka Basik

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