Editorial: Confidence Meets Grace

Refined grace and perfect self-confidence of a model are flawlessly integrated into metropolis' urban architecture in the editorial of an incredibly talented fashion photographer Vinyet Feliubadaló.
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Dress: Georgiela Studio; Earrings: BPCR; Boots: Jeffrey Campbell
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Headband: BPCR; Blouse: Paco Pinton; Vest: Emporio Armani; Pants: Emporio Armani; Boots: Jeffrey Campbell
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Earrings: PDPaola; Top: Peter Sposito; Pants: Lola Casademunt; Boots: Jeffrey Campbell
1609073554074494 4
Pendientes: PdPaola; Top: De la Fuente
1609073647671041 5
Hat: JM Font; Top: Georges Rech; Pants: Nel-lo Studio; Boots: Jeffrey Campbell; Bracelet: BPCR
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Earrings: Uterqüe; Shirt: Paola Molet; Tights: Cecilia de Rafael; Moccasins: Unisa
1609073774001033 101609073774051043 11
Dress: Georgiela Studio; Earrings: BPCR; Boots: Jeffrey Campbell; Coat: Coach; Bag: Burberry
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Cape: Peter Sposito; Earrings: PDPaola; Top: Júlia G.Escribà; Pants: María Guzmàn; Boots: Unisa


Photo: Vinyet Feliubadaló @byvinyet

Model: Paula Templado Ruiz @paulatruiz @unikomodels

Dog: Grey @greythedalmatian

Styling: Gemma Ferri @gemm.ferri

MUA: Mabel Boon @mabelboon

Assistance Styling: Maria Descarrega @descarregamaria

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