Editorial: Color Play

Once again, we get the unique chance to experience and enjoy the beautiful editorial, made by the talented photographer Alex Dani. We dive right into the moment of beach vibes, beautiful locations, and extravagant dreamy outfits.
Dress: La Métamorphose; Earrings: LNB Jewellery
1660723710415581 look2 11660723710443830 look2
Dress: Milla; Sandals: Aldo Castagna
1660723792559215 look3 11660723792572605 look3
Dress: Ali Younes
1660723864697787 look4 11660723864745199 look4
Dress: Ziad Nakad; Clutch: Iris Noble
1660724061974929 look5 11660724061997495 look5
Dress: Caviar
Dress: La Métamorphose


Model: Melissa Schon (@melissaschon_)

Photographer: Alex Dani (@alexdanifotografo) 

Stylist: Tania Tuka (@taniatuka)

Make-up & Hair: Angie Moullin (@angiemoullin)

Locations: Cannes & Grasse

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