Do fashion and TikTok match? 9 fashion bloggers to follow from all over the world

The world dictates new rules, one of the latest is TikTok.
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As it is often the case with everything new, many greeted TikTok with denial. However, it was quickly replaced by the adoption, trends, dancing and innovative formats. Today the social network is kicking all the ratings and surprising everyone with an incredible amount of content. Every day 1 billion videos are being viewed so there are less and less indifferent brands — even the ones as Gucci, Balmain, Jacquemus, Dolce & Gabbana and Fendi join the network.

Below you will find some interesting fashion bloggers that we liked.

wisdom 8

Reviews of new collections of world famous brands, non-standard interpretation of usual color combinations, expressive looks and fashion challenges — the various content by Wisdom Kaye, one of the brightest bloggers in our selection, will not let you get bored.

@wisdom 8 on TikTok


An account of L’Officiel Monaco’s fashion editor. Light and feminine content which shows the star stylist from Monaco in action: how you can wear one dress in 5 variations, how to compliment your outfits with accessories, how to combine competently different elements of your wardrobe.

You will also find cute daughter-mother TikTok videos.

@annatet_style on TikTok


Parker Kit Hill, 24-year-old artist, model, dancer and true innovator on TikTok. His profile is unpredictable and highly interesting, with his bright, funny and perky content you can take another look at the world of high fashion. The blogger walks the streets of New York as if on a catwalk, wearing bright looks with futuristic elements, reminiscent of fashion shows.

@parkerkithill on TikTok


Who said that TikTok is only for the zoomers? An adult, but no less flamboyant TikTok editor of the French magazine Karina Vigier is very inspiring. This blogger is out of frames and patterns — layered looks, bright accessories combined with trendy dances and trendy transitions. Karina broadcasts #over50thestyle and shows that you can be free and courageous regardless of age.

@karinavigier on TikTok


Atmospheric videos and looks with 90s charm. Vital can inspire and impress not only with style, but also with presentation. His profile takes TikTok to the next level. Just keep up with the awesomeness of editing and transitions. A real trendsetter!

@th32nd_ on TikTok


Cute girl and cute TikTok. Party themed looks, band and movie inspired outfits, variations on how you can dress to match emoji. Follow to have fun!

@haley__robinson on TikTok


From the fashion catwalk to TikTok trends. 17-year-old Louis Powell became famous thanks to a video with his runways, like on the fashion show catwalk, wearing fashionable looks. Now followers ask him to do this in the most unexpected places — a road leading to the Eiffel Tower, in a supermarket or in a forest.

@youngmanpowell on TikTok


Fashion, lifestyle and beauty are combined by the stylish Ellen V Lora TikTok. A young girl shares the fashion lifehacks, ideas for new looks and useful beauty finds.

@ellen.vlora on TikTok


A guy from the screen, he could boldly be on the cover of fashionable gloss. Callum looks great in both Gucci and Dior, and regularly shares how to wear content.

@lilcallo on TikTok

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