Best Bunny Moments in Fashion Shows

Easter is here, and to celebrate it, we listed the best fashion moments where some models were beautifully transformed in bunny. Here are some of the best bunny moments in fashion you can watch while enjoying some chocolate.
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Credit Instagram @bramantawijaya

Louis Vuitton Winter 2009/2010 

Louis Vuitton winter 2009/2010 

Marcs Jacobs was the artistic director of Louis Vuitton, and for this collection, some of the accessories were bunnies ears. Either tucked in the hair or worn as a hat, some of the models stunningly wore them. Later on this year, Madonna wore the bunny ears in a beautiful blue shade at the Met Gala.

Moschino Spring Summer 2019


Circus was the chosen theme for the Moschino Spring Summer 2019 show. Jeremy Scott, the brand's artistic director, dressed Alessandra Ambrosio as Mister Loyal in a cane, with a suit and the bunny ear as a brooch. 

Thom Browne Menswear Fall Winter 2014 

Thom Browne Menswear Fall Winter 2014

Described as hunters and haunted, this collection is around animals. The models were wearing hat representing different animals. Among other creatures, we had some beautifully tailored bunny walking for Thom Browne during his collection.

Fiction Tokyo 2018 

Fiction Tokyo 2018

During the New York Fashion week in 2018, models for Fiction Tokyo were seen wearing a mask with bunny ears. More than just an accessory, the mask paired with the show's colourful clothes and added something to the outfits. 

Bramanta Wijaya Jakarta Fashion Week 2015

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Credit Instagram @bramantawijaya

Specialized in wedding dresses, Bramanta Wijaya made his models wore bunny ears during the 2015 fashion week. The beautiful dresses paired with those white and sophisticated ears are beautiful and original ways of accessorizing the models. 

Stella McCartney Fall Winter 2020/2021

Stella McCartney | Fall Winter 2020/2021

Stella McCartney, also had her bunny moment during one of her fashion show. The designer whom is very close to the animal's wellbeing and their right and has a sustainable approach of making her collection, had animals walking her show last year. A reminder that fashion can be sustainable and doesn't have to arm animals in the making.

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