Best Swimwear Trends of Summer 2022

30 degrees and nothing to wear? The sunny weather even caught our fashion editors off guard, and that is a fate we wouldn’t wish upon our worst enemy. To correct this, we have found the hottest swimwear fits that are guaranteed to keep you looking fabulous by the pool this summer.
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Image by Kara Luhtanen using material from Unsplash

Suns out buns out! A playful little rhyme that announces that summer is finally here and so is bikini season. But what a horror if you take that a bit too literally. Unfortunately, that’s the case for many of us who were left thoroughly unprepared for the sunny weather and are now left torn between wearing our old swimwear hiding in the back of our closets, drastically out of style and probably fitted with a hole or two. Or even worse, wearing nothing at all. Wasn’t showing up at school without clothes everyone’s biggest nightmare growing up? We suppose that arriving at a public beach in the same state is the grown-up version. And nobody wants that. We have worked overtime to bring you the top swimwear trends for summer 2022. Because if you are going to be late, do it with style!

The Louder the Better

Graphic prints are taking over this summer with a note to the Y2K era. Funky prints and a pop of that golden nostalgia are just what we ordered. 

Attack of Color

This summer, one thing is for sure, there is no such thing as playing it safe. Colour is the word of the season. We will be expecting to see a range of colours varying from a bold neon to a deep principle palette by the pool very soon. 

Straps for Days

Strap it, wrap it, rope it around twice and work it. Strappy elements are the perfect way to elevate an otherwise simple look to a real showstopper. Thankfully there will not be a lack of options. Retailers are stocking up on this particular style and are more than ready to help you achieve the summer look you deserve.

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