Aelis Couture: Love TransMission FW 2022/2023

The thought that inspires the collection crosses and rests on the perennial movement that generates and regenerates life. By shifting the point of view on balance, Aelis finds the key to interpreting the collection faithful to the principles of respect and protection of the environment and of the creative and harmonious gesture of art couture.

Aelis Couture by Sofia Crociani has firmly cemented herself in the world of haute couture. Her "Love TransMission" showing in Paris left guests in awe of her unique creativity. 
Watching an Aelis Couture show is like experiencing visual poetry. Set in a small and intimate setting, guests could experience the collection with our entire being. You could feel the energy radiating off of each piece. 

Haute Couture is not generally known for its sustainable practices. Still, Crociani insists on recycling fabrics and elevating them to haute couture status. Using vintage denim and other reusable materials, she has indeed proven that loving and cherishing the world around us is the most fashionable statement a woman could make. 

We look forward to seeing her grow as a brand and continue to connect with nature as the fashion industry and the planet evolves.

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