5 Essential Pieces from Fashion Houses

Every house has it, an essential piece that represents the identity and the spirit of the brand. Many of them have been copied, but they could never be taken away from their mother’s house. Here are some of them:
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Chanel and the Tweed Suit

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Probably the most known of them all, the Chanel tweed suit. First presented in 1925, by Gabrielle Chanel herself, she wanted women to feel liberated and break free from the norms. At the time, it was a revolution. Mixing masculinity with the blazer and femininity with the skirt, it was the perfect mix. Karl Lagerfeld was known to keep the tweed heritage alive and incorporated it in many of his collections. Helping to keep it fashionable through the years. To this day, tweed is still inseparable of the brand, and the tweed suit even more.

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Jean-Paul Gaultier and the Cone Bra

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The creator admitted he first designed the cone bra on his teddy bear when he was a child. It was then first presented during one of his shows in 1987. Later on, Madonna popularised it as she asked the designer to be her stylist during her Blond Ambition tour. The iconic Jean-Paul Gauthier’s bra is still today one of the most famous pieces of the designer, along with the very french marinière

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Balmain and the Blazer with Epaulette/ Shoulder Pad

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Balmain’s flagship piece is the blazer and its pointy epaulette/shoulder pad. Probably influenced by his studies in architecture, Pierre Balmain released the blazer in the ’50s. Immediately defining the silhouette with an emphasis on the shoulders, the blazer is a piece that gives character to an outfit. Olivier Rousteing, the actual director of Balmain, re-released it during the Balmain Spring/Summer 2021 runway show. Proof that the blazer and its epaulette/shoulder pad is truly Balmain’s timeless piece.

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Hermès and the Silk Scarf

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Inseparable from the brand, the silk scarf from Hermes is a timeless accessory by excellence. First released in 1936, it has now been declined in more than 1500 different patterns. Declinable in so many different combinations, either worn in your hair, your wrist, neck, it will always bring something to an outfit. They also came in the very known orange box, which helped to its icon status.

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Credit Instagram @hermes

Yves Saint Laurent and the Mondrian dress

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Far from the omnipresence of the dark, which today is still the essence of Yves Saint Laurent, the Mondrian dress is the most known piece of the brand. With its geometrical shape inspired by Piet Mondrian's pattern, the dress presented in 1965 is, to this day, an iconic piece in the world of fashion. More than only for the brand, the Mondrian dress was the symbol of style in the '60s. You can still find it in stores today and indeed sent trends in the '60s/'70s in terms of fashion.

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