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Tony Ward Couture Fall Winter 2022/23: Flowing Lines

TONY WARD returns to the catwalk during Paris Haute Couture Week after two years of digital shows to reveal the Fall Winter 2022/23 "Flowing Lines" Couture Collection.
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Credits: PR - Sabrina Elba opening Tony Ward Show in a black couture ensemble

''Close your eyes.
A free soul wandering in the space,
Circular movements bustling in all directions,
Colorful silks vibrating in the atmosphere,

From shapes & volumes never ending lines
Optical shows of fabrics moving with three dimensional
Cuts embracing the woman’s body, following its own rhythm
Colors, deep magenta & Cobalt blue to earthy tones & gold
sunshine, brightening the illusions.

This freedom is all what matters now.
It may seem like a silent dance, but it’s not.
It’s the Flowing Lines of Tony Ward Couture Fall Winter
2022/23 collection''

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Credits: PR

The show was held in the renowned salons of the Shangri-La Hotel.
Guests included celebrities, actresses, international press, stylists, and influencers such as Pixie Lott, Heart Evangelista, Sai de Silva, Jessica Wang, Egyptian mezzo soprano Farrah El Dibany, Manuel Arnaut, Farouk Chekoufi, Sira Pevida, and many more.

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Credits: PR

From flowing shapes and volumes... to optical displays of fabrics moving with three-dimensional embroideries. Les Petites Mains worked tirelessly around the clock to create the illusion of never-ending lines.
A vibrant color palette to bring the illusions to life, ranging from deep magenta and cobalt blue to earthy tones and gold sunshine.
The collection was born after thousands of hours of expertise...just in time to commemorate TONY WARD's major milestone: 25 years of TONY WARD creations and 70 years of keeping his father, Elie Ward's legacy alive.


Photo: Tony Ward

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