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Celia Kritharioti: Haute Couture meets Party Girl

Celia Krithatioti’s Couture Show for Winter 22-23 is inspired by the power and exuberance of the 1920s. Art deco references meet luxurious black, pearls and precious gold.
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Celia Kritharioti 2022

Athens' top couturier, Celia Kritharioti managed to pull off one of the most exciting shows of 2022 Haute Couture Week. Without even being on the roster, Kritharioti pulled off a star-studded model lineup opening with Elsa Holsk and closing with Leonie Hanne. The guest list was equally impressive, with some of fashion's most prominent names in attendance. 

How did she do it? It's clear that this brand possesses a unique level of marketing genius to garner such attention without a firm "household name" factor, but it's more than that. In comparison to her previous showings, we are experiencing a gradual incline in both taste level and craftsmanship. 

A level of detail essential to pure haute couture was present in this collection for the first time in her career. The handmade embroidery and beadwork were precisely what we were hoping to see from this promising designer. 

In her past fashion week showings, simple mistakes such as a hem, fit, and overall technique were evident. However, this collection brings the Celia Kritharioti into a new era...the big leagues, if you will. 

Celia Kritharioti has proven that haute couture is more than just elegant gowns and tailoring for the most conscientious fashion consumers. This collection was sexy, dancing right on the line of "perhaps a bit too much." We saw significant "party girl" vibes, and we can't wait to see the stunning ladies of Monte Carlo hitting the town in one of her fun and flirty pieces. 

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