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Brave hearts: Miu Miu Fall-Winter 2021

It is easier to breathe outside.
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As a part of Paris Fashion Week, in her new collection, Prada’s creative director Miuccia Prada invited us on a mountain trip to explore Italy's ski region Cortina d'Ampezzo in the heart of the Dolomites.

"Nature is the one thing that heals you,» she said. «I love mountain adventures." Miuccia Prada
Miu Miu Fall/Winter 2021 Fashion Show: Brave Hearts

The models did not have to ski or do snowboarding to conquer the mountain peaks. The equipment was replaced by high mountain faux fur boots, that  were put back into the fashion vocabulary by Miuccia.

1615540785514750 miu miu fw 2021 1 lofficiel monaco1615540785659844 miu miu fw 2021 4 lofficiel monaco
1616002059032603 miu miu fw 2021 5 lofficiel monaco1616002058658921 miu miu fw 2021 3 lofficiel monaco
© Miu Miu

Against the background of snow-capped peaks, the collection is bursting with bright colors and non-standard combinations — the elements of mountaineering clothing complement gentle underwear fantasies. The sportswear language merges with fashion.

1616002123113961 miu miu fw 2021 24 lofficiel monaco1616002123263686 miu miu fw 2021 25 lofficiel monaco
1616002205459372 miu miu fw 2021 19 lofficiel monaco1616002205589778 miu miu fw 2021 20 lofficiel monaco
© Miu Miu

Deliberately bright colors of the accessories complement pastel shades of the soft forms of padded quilted jumpsuits, jackets, gloves, and even bodysuits.

1616002264009056 miu miu fw 2021 11 lofficiel monaco1616002489605570 miu miu fw 2021 40 lofficiel monaco
1616002489458244 miu miu fw 2021 41 lofficiel monaco1615540858367731 miu miu fw 2021 12 lofficiel monaco
1615540858432191 miu miu fw 2021 13 lofficiel monaco
© Miu Miu

A knitted ski hat-helmet is an indispensable attribute of every look. It comes with a must have of the pandemic times — a mask that can be easily unfastened if needed.

1616003009940274 miu miu fw 2021 45 lofficiel monaco1616003010271774 miu miu fw 2021 46 lofficiel monaco
© Miu Miu

We are boldly offered to wear loden dresses on thin straps with exquisite embroidery while skiing as a  daring challenge to the common perception of snow-capped mountains, and it is worth admiration.

1616002664386508 miu miu fw 2021 6 lofficiel monaco1616002664566948 miu miu fw 2021 7 lofficiel monaco
1616002664579980 miu miu fw 2021 8 lofficiel monaco1616002664620303 miu miu fw 2021 9 lofficiel monaco
© Miu Miu

Bold embellishments bring sophistication and romance to the looks that combine the incongruous.

1616003029543289 miu miu fw 2021 42 lofficiel monaco1616003029692093 miu miu fw 2021 44 lofficiel monaco
1616003029790237 miu miu fw 2021 43 lofficiel monaco
© Miu Miu

And what is a look without a handbag? The fur one looks perfect with both an oversized down puffer with contrasting stripes and a dress that “shines bright like a diamond” in every way.

1616003805861642 miu miu fw 2021 48 lofficiel monaco1616003805769871 miu miu fw 2021 47 lofficiel monaco
1616003805800771 miu miu fw 2021 49 lofficiel monaco1616003805790324 miu miu fw 2021 50 lofficiel monaco
1616003805926212 miu miu fw 2021 51 lofficiel monaco
© Miu Miu

Fashion collage: Lesya Pakharyna



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