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Interview with Hanan Moser - The Founder Behind Zany&Shy

Time for a one on one with the mastermind and talent behind the Zany&Shy brand, including secrets to success and motivation tips.
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Hanan, tell us about your greatest strength as a professional?

Hanan Moser: Professionally (and personally), I always question everything. I don’t do this negatively, but I think a lot, always asking critical questions and weighing the pros and cons to see what is best for the brand and the community. 

In my young professional life, I also learned to never let my pride get in the way and to always have a go at anything (even if it wasn’t necessarily something I wanted to do!). I still carry this attitude today, always rolling my sleeves up and doing the work necessary for my personal and professional development. After all, you never stop learning! That's how I look at the professional world—a place where you can take something away from every situation.

Why did you pick the name Zany&Shy for your brand?

Hanan Moser: I truly believe that every woman has two sides to her personality: a zany (crazy/wild) side and a shy side. Wearing jewelry, for me, has a lot to do with these emotions. I always ask myself, ‘How do I want to feel today?’ and ‘who do I want to be?’. This is the way I choose my jewelry in the morning, in a way that represents the many facets of my personality. That’s how I came up with Zany&Shy—the perfect name for my jewelry brand.

What is your signature jewelry piece?

Hanan Moser: I’m biased, but all of it, of course! However, I think the Chiara and Michelle Rings are our signature pieces if I had to decide. The Michelle Ring has an incredible shine and unique curved shape, whereas the Chiara Ring has two differently-shaped stones and an opening in the middle, which means it can be stacked beautifully with other rings.

I love to layer the rings differently and style them in my way, along with several Amal and Gisele bangles. Layering one over the other is very on-trend this year, but I also think it’s a trend that’s set to stay. 

Can you tell us a bit about the process of designing and making jewelry?

Hanan Moser: As most people know, I am not a trained designer. All the skills I have, I have acquired myself. Because of this, the drawing process isn’t always the easiest for me. Usually, I keep my ideas in my head for a long time while I look for pictures, sketch, and describe in words what I want. Later, I pass this work on to my design team, who then transforms my ideas, imagination, and mood board into technical designs. It’s a dynamic process!

However, as many artists know, you must be in the right frame of mind for creativity. Often, there is the assumption that we are always creative and bubbling with ideas, but this isn’t always the case. Although, once the ideas do arrive, there's no stopping me! 

Why did you choose lab diamonds for your brand?

Hanan Moser: Some people do not know that Lab Diamonds are real diamonds, both chemically and physically! Their composition is 100% the same as natural diamonds, and the brilliance is just as beautiful as traditionally-mined diamonds. 

For me, there are only advantages to using Lab-Grown Diamonds, particularly as they are better for our planet and the people who work in the diamond industry. This is because the working conditions are controlled, fair wages are paid, there is no child labor, and each diamond is traceable. 

Not to forget, they are also more affordable than natural diamonds (around 40-50% cheaper) yet have the same quality and come with an IGI certificate (from 0.5 ct). It’s a guilt-free, conscious way to have a little luxury in your life.

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You are a successful businesswoman. Which three character traits do you think were most instrumental to your success?

Hanan Moser: Good question. For me, I think it’s my curiosity (always wanting to know the ins and outs of everything!), my organization, and my choice to always trust my gut feeling. 

I also think it’s essential to mention mindset in general. For example, I never studied business management or anything like that, but I have found my way to being an entrepreneur and believe everyone can do the same with a little determination and courage. I hope that everyone finds the confidence to step out of their comfort zone or take small steps towards their goal. I trust that even these baby steps are enough to create your first experience—nobody has to climb a mountain in a few steps; they simply have to start somewhere.  

You are a true multi-talent. What motivates you?

Hanan Moser: Life! I want to look back and say that I followed my dreams, no matter how difficult, rocky or bumpy the road was. I genuinely feel lucky to do work that I love; I work 14 hours a day, yet I never feel exhausted because every day is varied and brings me joy in some way. That is the key to motivation: love life!

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What inspires you the most while working on your jewelry collection?

Hanan Moser: The shapes of nature are the most inspiring thing to me, especially flowers. I love how they have a life of their own, moving through different phases, each beautiful in its way. Using inspiration from nature, I then create a picture in my head that I take forward to design. 


All creative projects have their challenges. What was your biggest challenge last time?

Hanan Moser: For me, it’s not only the creative projects that are challenging. Generally speaking, building a brand is a challenge in itself. It starts with the creative and ends with the legal, moving through many phases before completion. For example, we must ensure our website is streamlined and jewelry always arrives beautifully wrapped. It looks effortless from the outside, but our consumers don’t necessarily see how much work the brand and staff have put into each stage. 

However, despite the challenges I’ve faced over the last two years, the most important thing for me is that our customers are delighted with their purchases. I think that is the biggest challenge—making everyone happy.

What is your time management philosophy?

Hanan Moser: None! I would love to say that I have one, but, in truth, I am always working now, with a laptop or phone in my hand at all times (apart from when I’m having breakfast or dinner with my kids or reading them a bedtime story). Other than that, I have to consciously choose to take time out, for example, if I’m on holiday with my family. I hope at some point this will change, but I think this is normal at the beginning of a newly founded company, especially when I’m so passionate about making Zany&Shy the best it can be.

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