Using Genetics Expertise to Create Next Big Thing in Skincare: Sheetal Rawal is Doing It

Skincare is witnessing a pivotal shift as the world increasingly turns towards nature for solutions. With the growing consciousness about the health and environmental impacts of lifestyle choices, natural skincare emerges not just as a trend but as a critical component of holistic well-being. This transition reflects a broader societal movement valuing sustainability, wellness, and organic roots.

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Opaliris is Upgrading the Virtual Try-On Experience for Makeup

With its cutting-edge virtual try-on (VTO) makeup solution, Opaliris is creating waves in the constantly changing field of beauty technology. With Alix Lu serving as a model and Zhao Jian, an experienced entrepreneur with two multimillion-dollar exits under his belt, as a co-founder, Opaliris is poised to improve the way online shoppers engage with beauty items.

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Saltworks Redefines Fragrance Exploration with Pressure-Free Home Discovery Experience

The Saltworks Company is taking a refreshingly different strategy in a market often dominated by celebrity endorsements and high-pressure sales tactics. This U.K.-based perfume house is revitalizing the way consumers discover and experience fragrances. Offering a unique home discovery experience, Saltworks allows customers to explore scents at their own pace, free from the influence of salespeople and the rush of in-store shopping.