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Meet the niche brands, whose artisanal elaboration and exclusive aromas are essential this season.
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Ethereal in nature but lasting in impression, a fragrance can linger in our memory forever . The choice of a perfume becomes a personal stamp, whose line ends up being an extension of our character. That is why, in recent years, niche perfumery has emerged as the perfect vehicle between exclusivity and authenticity, which allows you to find a unique and personal scent . Maison Peony , is the ideal link to find the best avant-garde and luxury brands in Mexico, through a personalized experience. Thanks to the advice of a team of experts in the industry, the company manages to bring the most exceptional fragrances for lovers of perfumery.

Faced with an extremely vast industry, why not find a unique scent that reflects your personality? At L'Officiel we share 5 luxury fragrances available at Maison Peony that you need to know this fall.

1603628068121858 crimson amouage
Crimson Rocks, AMOUAGE.


Since 1983, the Amouage perfume house has positioned itself as a benchmark in the world of luxury fragrances . With sophisticated tones and evocative aromas, the firm composes the most exquisite and timeless blends. Inspired by the majesty of the Al Hajar Mountains, one of their luxury fragrances Crimson Rocks evokes a warm April sunset. The aroma starts from two rose extractions, which directly reveal the top note and, progressively, the aroma reveals inside notes of essential cinnamon bark, an earthy accord of jujube honey, and addictive notes of cedar atlas that, together with the oak, evoke all the splendor of the mountains of crimson tones.

1603628069325825 gourmet mmicallef
Secret of Love Gourmet, MAISON MICALLEF.


Among the Maritime Alps is Grasse, a French town known as the capital of perfumery. It was there that Maison Micallef was created in 1996, with the aim of satisfying lovers of artisan productions and handmade creations . Its fragrances are sensual and powerful in character, which encompass five olfactory families: woody, floral, citrus, oriental and gourmand, with aromas that transcend the passage of time. His most recent release, Secret of Love Gourmet ,   presents a set of mysterious keys that reveal the secrets of love inside. A bottle with fine lines assembled like cages, it houses an exquisite fragrance with seductive notes. Top notes of warm incense and raspberry, interwoven with lush notes of vanilla and leather, this noble fragrance awaits an irresistible declaration of love within.

1603628069592268 erbapura xerjoff
Erba Pura, XERJOFF.


Sergio Momo founded the Italian luxury perfume house Xerjoff in 2003, driven by the art of high perfumery . Since then, the firm has not used other raw materials than the best, merging traditional perfumery with true exclusivity. Her Erba Pura perfume,   It is a fruity floral elixir, which hides inside a strange molecule of Indian herb. Between exotic Mediterranean citrus fruits of orange, lemon and bergamot, and an amber oriental base of white musk and vanilla bourbon, this perfume evokes warmth and sensuality at the same time.

1603628069858899 elixir delmar
Elixir d´Amour, PARFUMS D´ELMAR.


Swiss perfection come true. The signature brings enigmatic experiences to life, with notes that weave elegance and luxury into a single bottle . Made with the highest quality ingredients, Parfums d'Elmar creations are made with 35% concentration, representing the “Quintessence of perfume.” One of its most recognized fragrances is Elixir d´Amour , belonging to the oriental family , this fragrance is distinguished by an amber mixture, in which bergamot leaves and green fig tree, are contrasted with a bouquet of lily of the valley, as well as sweet notes of jasmine and roses in the heart, and a fruity touch of raspberry. The scent is underlined by a blend of Ciste oil, amyris, pink pepper, saffron and patchouli, which are softened by a base of amber, vanilla and sweet notes of burnt caramel, giving life to a sensual and timeless perfume.

1603628070097175 lavande pmc
Lavande Romaine, PERRIS MONTE CARLO.


The legacy of this luxury firm dates back to 1981. Founded by Michele Perris and, currently under the direction of Gian Luca Perris, the mission of the house remains the same: to deepen the development of perfume aromas . Through a latent passion to recover the ancient practices of perfumery, the brand's fragrances are distinguished by masterfully intertwining tradition and innovation. Among its different perfumes, the firm presents Lavande Romaine, an evocative olfactory ode. The notes of fine lavender, blue cedar and burgundy of Cassis as heart notes, are complemented by white musk, thus achieving an extremely cheerful fragrance.

Find all the fragrances available here and at Saks Fifth Avenue Santa Fe.

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