Editorial: Butterfly by Alain Egues

Butterfly-like delicate - a beauty editorial by Alain Euges, which seduces us into the realm of the Roaring Twenties. A time so wicked and exciting at the same time in our imagination that we also want to see it in color for once!
1648929564048616 alain euges 10
Earring: Cartier, Hat: Giuseppe Tella
1648929558303107 alain euges 09
Earring: Cartier, Hat: Giuseppe Tella
1648929552251704 alain euges
Collar: Florian Schulze
1648929547669259 alain euges 5
Gloves: Maison Margiela, Dress: Aline Celi, Hat: Perlensau
1648929540318301 alain euges 3
Dress: Steinrohner, Hat: Giuseppe Tella
1648929527128142 alain euges 4
Dress: Aline Celi, Choker: Perlensau

Team Credits

Photography: Alain Egues
Make-Up: Einat Dan
Hair: Asier Aguiriano (using Davines) 
Stylist: Hercules Terres 
Make-Up Assistant: Andrea Rosal
Model: Emma Kroeg

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