Beauty Essentials for Hot Days

Summer is finally here with warmer days, holidays, summer nights and outings. With this changing time comes a change of routine, where light products are a must, to not melt in the sun. Here are five essentials for the make-up routine during the summertime.
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The skin is probably the most essential step. With hot days, it's easy to feel like your skin is melting. A light product is what you need, and you'll be thankful to have chosen. The best purchase that could be made is a tainted SPF. SPF is significant for the skin, either to protect it from the sun, the damaged link to it, or prevent ageing. A tainted SPF is a perfect match for, at the same time, protecting the skin and having light coverage.

Tainted SPF by La Roche-Posay 

For sculpting the face, the must is to have something light, and the best form will be a powder. A duo could be the perfect product, giving you the opportunities to do touch-ups throughout the day. With the Nars blush-bronzer duo, you will be able to highlight and shape your face just how you like and easily put it in your bag. Its plus, the small mirror incorporates in it for your touch-ups. 

Duo Blush Bronzer by Nars

To set everything in place and help with oiliness, a setting powder is what you need. Therefore, one with a great range of skin tone that would fit everyone is the Fenty Beauty Setting Powder. Beauty tip, apply the powder after doing your skincare, and before applying makeup, it will help with oily skin and even more set the makeup. 

Setting Powder by Fenty Beauty

Moving on to the eyes, a must is a waterproof mascara. It will stay in place all day, not leaving residue under your eyes. The MILK waterproof mascara is a vegan one that will allow you to spend the day without having to check if your mascara melted everywhere under your eyes, and make you look like a racoon. 

Kush Waterproof Mascara by MILK

To finish the look and to also take with you, a mist is the best. It will give a smooth finish look at your makeup, and you can use it throughout the day to fresh up from time to time when the heat becomes too unbearable. Depending on your skin type, you can choose a mist that will help you either with dry or oily skin. Truly a lifesaver that will also help your skin condition. 

Eau de Beauté by Caudalie

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