3 Beauty Trends for 2021

In life, everything repeats itself, including beauty trends. But knowing which one of them will make their big come back, is sometimes tough. From fashion shows to magazines and social media, we went over trends rising from the past. Here are the 3 trends you should definitely pay attention to for the new year.
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Colourful Retro 

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Bright and colourful makeup will also be on every eye. Influenced by retro 80’s trends, colourful eyeshadows, eyeliners, arched and doubled liners, and eye makeup looks will be inventive and multicoloured. Inspiration can be found everywhere from a favourite fashion show, movie and red carpet. A palette with a specific range of colour, double colour eyeliner and even sparkles are the perfect products. Again, must-haves are the ones that can be put in a purse to make some touch-ups during the day. 


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Classic Lipstick

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After living in a matte lipstick and lip gloss supremacy for the last couple of years, the classic, elegant yet simple lipstick will return. Even if masks are the reason people stopped wearing lip products, it’s also why this comeback. People will want to catch up with their lost opportunities and wear lipstick more than ever. Having a set of multiple colours such as a nude, that can be worn every day. A lovely pink or a red one which is more extravagant would be the perfect trio suitable for every occasion. 


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Dark Kohl

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Kohl is making its big comeback either with a thin line or an elaborate smoky eye. Seen on many runway shows during the recent fashion week, the smoky black eye will be everywhere. Kohl will be used to make a statement and not only be reserved for the “night-type” makeup. A must-have would be nice, workable and wet kohl, to be able to make its way through a simple makeup, as much as the perfect smoky eyes.


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These are the 3 must-haves trends for the new year, that you will be seeing everywhere from now on. Ones that many of us have already loved and used. Trends from the past that are refacing, just as they do every year. For our deepest pleasure and nostalgia. 

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