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Paintings to Buy from Online Art Selling Platforms

If you are looking to invest in some paintings, here is a list of a few you may enjoy.
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Asunder by Katherine Parker on

Photo: Instagram @spaniermanmodern

Katherine Parker’s work explores themes of memory and place. Her paintings are textured and expressionistic, and her artistic process is often personal.

Cluster by Nicholas Stedman on

Photo: Instagram @maxim_macrae

Nicholas Stedman’s work has been exhibited mainly in Europe for the last 30 years, and since 1998 he has had ten solo shows. The people depicted in this work against the beautiful purple toned background seem to be almost suspended in the air, defying gravity.

Teri-Mussow (a woman's friendship) by Penda Diakité on

Photo: Instagram @thebeautifulartist

Penda Diakité’s mixed-media collages and films explore black female identity and West African culture and traditions.

Erin Armstrong’s Teeter on

Photo: Instagram @erinaart

Erin Armstrong creates distorted and unique figures in a dream-like world. Mundane moments are given surrealistic quality, capturing emotions that are often missed in the human experience.

Alice Neel on

Photo: Instagram @stellenevolandes

Alice Neel was a painter known for her Expressionistic portraits of her family, friends, and lovers. There is a psychological and emotional aspect to her subjects that she captures through her expressive use of colour.

Mel Davis’s Maudy Thursday on

Photo: Instagram @barbaradavisgallery

Mel Davis's monochromatic, gesture and nature paintings explore the medium's potential, and she incorporates techniques inspired by a range of art historical movements.

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