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5 Photography Books You Need for Your Coffee Table

The genre of book, in culture and art, is infinite. From biography, autobiography, telling the story of a brand, movements, the possibilities are endless. One of those that always had success and is always a pleasure to get lost in are photography books. Here are some of them that will be perfect on your coffee table for you to spend hours travelling along.
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The Book by Hugo Comte 

The French photographer recently released his first photography book. In only 5 years, Hugo Comte made a name for himself, and he got this style you instantly recognize. Being the photographer behind Dua Lipa’s recent album, Future Nostalgia, and often photographing Bella Hadid’s, he is everywhere with everyone. His book simply called, The Book is full of those pictures with his 90’s style and projects more beautiful ones than the others. 

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Credit Instagram @hugocomte

Kate: The Kate Moss Book by Kate Moss

Credit Instagram @bonnieandclyde_clothing

The iconic British supermodel Kate Moss released a book full of pictures from the most known photographers that captured her through her life. From her debut at only 14 to her most recent work, the book is a proper retrospective on the career of the one nicknamed the Twig. Hedi Slimane, Juergen Teller, Peter Lindbergh, are just a few whose works appeared in it. The book is the perfect testimony of beauty, fashion, photographs and the spectacular career of Moss. 

Images by Jacquemus 

This is the second book the French Designer has released. Simply called Images, Simon Jacquemus is sharing his life with pictures from his phone. Just like you get lost on his Instagram for hours as the colourful images are simply stunning, you will do the same here with his book. 

Rihanna by Rihanna 

From make-up to clothes, music and movies, Rihanna career is multidimensional. She achieved a lot, and another one of this milestone is her photography book. In this eponym photo album, she shares her life from her childhood to being a successful woman. From iconic fashion moments to personal memory, the book is recounting her life through beautiful pictures. A must-have to get lost in the beautiful universe, that is Rihanna’s one. 

Images of Women II by Peter Lindbergh

Credit Instagram @diegop

Peter Lindbergh was the master of black and white photography, which was his signature. Sadly, the Germain photograph, who sadly passed away in 2019, left behind him a legacy like no other. From Tina Turner, Mick Jagger, Charlotte Rampling or Kate Moss, he photographed everyone, models, actors, musicians, politicians, to ordinary people. For hours, you will get to recognize all of these people who had the privilege of being captured by the talented man, Peter Lindbergh.

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