Where French Riviera Elegance Meets Empowering Luxury Handbags

When it comes to the epitome of summer style, nothing complements the sun-kissed days and balmy nights quite like a chic and functional handbag. Enter Chau Sáenz – a visionary creator who seamlessly marries the timeless allure of the French Riviera with the art of crafting exquisite luxury bags. In this exclusive interview, we delve into Chau Sáenz's unique design philosophy and discover how her handbags serve as the perfect summer accessory, effortlessly elevating any ensemble.

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Diamonds Beyond Boundaries: Interview with Zulu Ghevriya

Zulu Ghevriya co-founded Smiling Rocks with a mission that goes beyond merely offering lab-grown diamond jewelry. The brand is dedicated to providing socially responsible jewelry with a larger purpose. At the heart of this diamond and jewelry brand is the commitment to delivering luxury diamond jewelry through sustainable and environmentally conscious practices. Smiling Rocks achieves this by crafting lab-grown diamond jewelry designed to stand the test of time. Explore the impact that sustainable, lab-grown diamond jewelry can have on the world, all while preserving the luxury and delight associated with precious jewelry. In this interview, Zulu Ghevriya shares insights into his journey of establishing a brand in the jewelry industry and much more.