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What are dreams? They are our different individual greatest desires and most cherished wishes. They are our most sacred wants and biggest hopes. Of course, they may all differ from one another, but there is one thing that stays the same for each and every one of us. The constant is our belief in our dreams - we all want them to come true. The brand Alefbet successfully achieves this mission by helping formulate, determine, and materialize those aspirations.
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Alefbet ( - The first brand to combine luxury accessories with deep meaning in every touch. Born in Israel, these accessories carry the incredible power of the Promised Land, which conceals in itself many deep wonders. Most of this land is in the desert; however, it is becoming more green and fruitful with each new day. This is the land where religions, cultures, and traditions of ancient ancestors are intertwined. A land where millions of people come every year to voice their dreams to the Western Wall. It was the strength of tradition and the first immigrants' courage to follow their dreams that made Israel one of the most unique places on Earth.

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Shawl with the letter Tsadi

Now, have you ever asked yourself, what does a dream begin with? Dreaming is the natural state for each and every one of us. Having a dream makes us fall in love with our life, painting ordinary days with bright colours. 


But why do some dreams come true while others do not? Perhaps that is because we did not put enough energy into our desire, and it quickly extinguished? Or maybe because the dream was not sincere, but imposed on us from the outside? Or did we just forget about our dream in the hustle of our everyday lives?

You may find it strange, but you also need to learn to be able to dream. Accessories from Alefbet will help you master how to dream correctly and listen to your true self. 

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Letter Tsadi - Good health

How does it work? Each unique accessory from the Alefbet brand combines the highest quality of silk and cashmere, exclusive print, and the unique meaning of the Hebrew letter that was chosen. These scarves are not just a bright and stylish note of your image, they help to correctly formulate your dream, which will always be with you!

Each of the 22 Hebrew letters is responsible for its content and meaning. It is essential to choose the one that resonates with you the most; After that, the steps are simple. 

By taking a handkerchief in your hands and formulating your desire, one must imagine that it has already come true and thus feel the emotions of the dream and then transfer this energy to the scarf. By wearing this accessory, the "signs of the Universe" will be caught, and they will show the way to fulfil the desire.

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Letter Tet (cozy home) & Letter Nun (reliable family)

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